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Advice needed - camping/NPs North of Sydney

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We have a couple of weeks to kill before we have to be back in Sydney on 19 feb and would like to head north of Sydney (not too far ) either NP or free camping on the beach if possible or on the water, free beer, gin and tonic and wine.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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Hi Rece

We live in Tea Gardens - Hawks Nest approx 2.5 hours north of sydney. The Myall Lakes National Park is in our area as well as a lovely Myall River Bush Camp just a few K's north of Hawks Nest on the Myall River. I think the Bush Camp is $15 per camp site per night,no power but gennies are allowed.

Currently due to the weather things are pretty wet and windy but depending on your arrival it might have cleared by the time you arrive.

We live on the Myall River in Tea Gardens and have vacant land either side of our house and you would be welcome to stay for a while. We have water and power each side as well and 2 K's from the Town.

We will be away from Jan 30 to Feb 1 but you can PM me if you if it is of interest to you.



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Hi Reece,

Have a look at Members offering property stayovers in the Trips & Gathering section :lol:

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Reece, I have edited the topic title to more fully reflect the advice you are seeking. This might result in more replies...well, that is what I hope! It sounds like a great trip.


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