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Caravan Auxiliary Equipment Requirements


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G'Day All

We are soon to take delivery of our very 1st Caravan so very wet behind the ears.  Our circumstances are as follows - we live in Perth and in October will travel across to Brendale to take delivery of our 19ft twin axle XC3. Tossing up whether or not to put the LC 200 on the Indian-Pacific along with ourselves from Perth to Adelaide then drive up to Brendale as opposed to driving all the way over. On the return journey with Van in tow, planning on staying in Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and some of the bays on the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula, before heading back West across the Nullabor. Intention is to stay in Caravan Parks as opposed to free camping or out in the bush until we become more confident with the set up and more familiar with operation of the Van. Bit of a crawl before you walk exercise.


Based on our circumstances as described above, we are looking for a prioritized list of essentials we will need to take across with us (other than the obvious ie: plates, cutlery, pans, etc etc) to help us survive our first trip with the Van. Things like hoses, power cords, tools, LC200 spare parts, etc etc. You know........ all the auxiliary stuff required to set up the Van for convenience, comfort and safety. 

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Hi Guy's,

My two bobs worth....

Your choice/decision..... about the train coming to the 'east' side.

Not knowing anything about your 200...... and its current service history....would like to think it's up to date, so a heap of spares may be unnecessary.


My suggestion ... travel around the south east area of Qld...... for as long as you think is reasonable, then back to the factory to 'fix' up any glitches ....that may pop up.

(Pine Rivers Showground) is a great place to stay only 10 minutes away from the factory...Helen & Eric are the caretakers there....very friendly people contact there is 0459 023346

As you indicated....this is your first van.....even though it's a Kedron....don't venture too far off the 'black top' UNTIL you feel you are ready to.....crawl before you walk.....makes sense!

Bring all the usual stuff with you .....re ....leads, hoses, comfort items etc.... your call....you know what you may or may not need OR want.

Please dont.... be afraid to ask as many questions as you wish....there are many willing fellow members here only to happy to assist you in the 'Kedron' experience.

Also don't be adverse...in letting other Kedron owners via this forum knowing your plans/travels as you will soon find we are all very keen to welcome new members to the KOG!?

Travel safe......looking forward to cing you down the road.....


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Hi guys


Certainly agree with what Tony and Leon have said here.


The Pine Rivers Showground at Lawton is a good place to stay for the first few days. I certainly would see what Kedron can provide, and then source the rest locally. The Showgrounds are within an easy walk to Bunnings, BCF and Springers 12 Volt Specialists, and a railway station that connects you with the Brisbane train network. A small shopping centre for the basics is also within walking distance. They also have a Saturday markets at the Showground.


There are several places within a couple of hours north of the factory to explore, such as Maleny, Kenilworth, Maroochydore, Noosa etc that provide a range of facilities. Try out everything in the van until you feel confident. Even if you have a powered site, pull out the power cord and live 'off the grid' for a couple of days to make sure your solar and battery system is working properly.


I guess the most important things to bring are: lots of time, a good sense of humour and lots of fun.


Caravanning is a great lifestyle. Enjoy.







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Tony, Leon, Peter, 

Many thanks for your feedback, puts the value of this forum into perspective, especially for us novices. I did check with Kedron on what they can supply to prevent us from carting over so that's sorted. We are changing our plans accordingly to stay in Queensland CP's relatively close to the Kedron factory whilst we test our Van. Other than the Pine Rivers Showground, If you know from personal experience (and with easy reversing so not so many people die laughing) of any other CP's within 1-2 hour drive of the Kedron factory, could you please post?




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Welcome to our group.

By October caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast should have plenty of vacancies (at present they are fully booked out for the next couple of weeks). I agree with the others to spend a week with in easy reach of Kedron, just in case there maybe, although I doubt it, a couple of teething problems. 

Showgrounds are always a good place to stay as there is always plenty of room to manouver, some parks have very small sites.

make sure you have Wiki camps and fuel map installed on phone/tablet/iPad, both very good tools when travelling. We like the fuel map as they tell you where in towns the fuel depots are and what price the fuel is, subject the the correct price being put on at the time.

Happy travels and enjoy the experience,

Clive and Sandra

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Last September we picked up our new Kedron XC 3 single axel 16'.

Which is a great van we did two weeks travelling around SE Qld and then got our first service done by Kedron after 1200km. They fixed a couple of minor problems, concerned with leaky taps, noisy fan, ice around freezer door all ok except still getting a bit of ice around freezer.


We travelled as far as Chinchilla and liked Murgon and Kilcoy. Stayed at Lawton Showground (Pine Rivers) and if you ask they will accomodate you without unhitching. When we got back to Kedron we also got them to fit 2nd spare and wire up rear view caravan camera in our tow, so our free service cost us for the extra bits.


Strongly suggest you spend a couple of weeks travelling around SE Qld and then go back for first service, it was very reasuring to get the minor problems fixed. We have since done our 10K service at Kedron and got some more minor fixes and a 2nd gas outlet fitted, plus another Fantasic Fan fitted, so now we only have them in the van ( a good option).


Kilcoy showground has lots of space and is easy to park in hitched up, the main Kilcoy free camp can be a bit tight, the other free camp has more space as well. Toolgoolawa also has a nice showground not too far from Kedron where you can stay hitched up.


To practise backing and other useful skills strongly suggest you both do a Tow-ed type course. Well worth it.


Good luck

Terry and Ellie

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Hi guys


Unless  things have changed since we took delivery of our TE in Aug 2012 there is a very good chance you will need:-


wheel brace if you tugs is not compatable to check tightness after 100kms

25 mt food grade water hose. Various tap connectors and joiners

30 mt smooth bore sullage hose preferably

a jack if you haven't bought a Trailermate with the van



Cheers Merv/ Di



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Hi, A couple of good camp grounds that are reasonable in price


Beerwah Sports ground- has it all shower are sports ground . chance ot test the van

Eumundi markets ground- now have power If CMCA member 12.50. Shower, toilet, Dump Point . No water 2 day limit





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