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Lay up cover

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Hi all,

Trusting this finds you all safe & happy (as happy as you can be in these troubling times)

Just a suggestion......check with you van insurers to see if they will offer 'lay up' cover.....as we I'm sure as hell, won't be using our vans for at least the next six months....might save you a few $'s

Cheers & stay safe


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Hi Everybody.

I received my insurance renewal  to so sent Ken Tame an email to say our van has not turned a wheel for 2 yrs owing to ill health and now with the Coronavirus as well and Cook shire is in total lock down as you have to prove you have self isolated for 14 days before they will look at letting you back in, somebody from Ken Tame rang this afternoon and said there is no lay up allowed, so just have to pay up or see if another Insurer will do[ LAY UP].

Hope this helps and all stay SAFE until we can all travel again.

TAKE CARE Neville & Kay.

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If you are with KTA through CMCA, layup cover is not available. The answer was KTA provides cover for vans on the move!!!


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Thanks for the input guys, I was only suggesting you check with your insurers to see if they can assist....


For those who are considering checking prices and policies coverage from other insurers, make sure you get a price from WFI and do your homework.

I HAVE NO affiliation with WFI other than being a customer of theirs....unfortunately they don't offer 'lay up' cover either!

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I believe NRMA Insurance have this “lay up”  option. My sister had it on their van but said it was a bit painful as they had to notify them every time they decided to use the van. This current period of insurance they opted to have it fully covered again.

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