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New Members Intro - Colin & Lauren

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Hi All,


We recently purchased a 2009 Top Ender (KC01012) which so far appears to be in pretty good condition (except for an annoying leak in the rear bathroom lift up basin system!!) and are currently getting it ready with additional solar etc.. for some local QLD touring initially, and then hopefully for a lap of Australia next. Our past interests have mainly been sailing, fishing, diving and travel and we recently returned to Brisbane after spending three years sailing our yacht (Island Pearl) around the world from Brisbane and back again after experiencing some exotic and amazing off-the-beaten-track travel destinations with a lot of fun as well as some extreme challenges along the way too as we crossed all the worlds major oceans and visited around 35 countries ( see "Sailing Island Pearl" YT Channel &  https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/IslandPearl2 )


We are completely new to caravaning, and we very much looking forward to hopefully meeting hopefully many other Kedron owners as we get out and about in this lovely country of ours. So far we are very happy to have selected a Kedron, and really like the full list of inclusions in these vans, as well as our compact layout with L Shape dinette, and the van's rugged off-road ability if case that is ever needed. 


Our best regards

Colin & Lauren

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It’s great to have you onboard Colin and Laura!  Our first van was also a Kedron and it is a good start when you have such a wonderful brand.


Talk to the factory about the leak...they will be able to advise, I am sure! 

I hope we see you out and about travelling with your van.




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Welcome Colin & Lauren,

Sounds like you have led an adventurous life. I’m sure the Top Ender will open up a whole new set of adventures for you.


All the best with your travels,


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Welcome to the Kedron Family, you have chosen a good strong van for your future adventures.

Hope to see you on the road sometime.


Sandra and Clive

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Hi Colin & Lauren,

Welcome to KOG, sure you find it a pleasant change to be able to get out & walk around your new (to you) land yacht.

Hoping to meet you one day soon, somewhere down the road.

There is lots of information on these pages, if you cant find what your looking for....just ask!

Travel safe.


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