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Lost without our Kedron


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After years of traveling with our Kedron all over Australia, I didn't realise how much you get used to the luxury of a van.

Recently we had to make a hurried trip to Queensland.  I flew and Paul drove as we knew we would need the car for anything up to six weeks.  Having only the day before returned from Europe we had no time to get the van prepared before we urgently had to be in Queensland.

On our return trip, I knew I was going to have to go 'camping'.  Didn't really realise what this would entail until we got on the road.  School holidays and the PGA tour in Kalgoorlie meant that we couldn't get accommodation at some places.  We drove past most free camps with our tent in the car, and only used Baxters Rest stop because it had a toilet.  I kept looking out the window going we could stop there or there or there.

Staying in Broken Hill during 30 hours of rain was not fun, and at 11pm we had to move to a Motel because we were ringing wet.  The Kedron doesn't leak I thought.  My sister and children are sure that Paul took me camping so I would appreciate the van more. 

We managed to get three days at Elliston S.A.  Only drizzled there, but by now we had learnt a few things on how to cope without 'Q' (our Kedron).

Our last night on the road was in Kalgoorlie.  Our site was concrete - all concrete so pitching the tent was interesting.  Besser bricks may have come into play to hold the tent in place.  This time we were smarter, and got an en suite in case it rained, we would have somewhere to run to if this happened.

When we got home to Perth I went out and gave the Kedron a cuddle.  Hopefully in the future we will be able to get out for some short trips.  My dad is coming over for a few months soon, and Paul thinks that at 87 he can go with us and stay in the tent.  Stop laughing I haven't found a way to break it to him that dad would probably get our bed and we will be back out in the tent.  We will see, we will see.

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I am so completely with you on this.


A few times we have taken the camper trailer on short trips.  You really are at the mercy of the elements so much more. I love that van.


We plan to be in WA next year so might organise something together!  Perhaps we should go to Mt Marshall rock together just like old times 😄😄😄


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