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  1. Leon Brown

    Tyres for our Top Ender

    Hi I fitted Hankook RF10 LT 265/65 R17. These are all terrain tyres . only jusrt went on Leon
  2. Leon Brown

    Folding Trailers

    Hi, I have a flip and easy. When the van was made I had backets made for the draw bar(extended) to hold both the trailer and a slide for the outboard motor. The trailer wheels have integrated into the rear bumper. The trailer has been assembled with all rollers etc in place. To assemble take the trailer off the draw bar open out and insert the pin. remove wheels from rear bumper and add to trailer. job finished. Hope this helps. We only use trailer for small distance travel. I have also installed a tow hitch into the front of the truck so that I can push trailer as well as pull. very handy. Leon
  3. Leon Brown

    It’s cold in Tasmania today

    Hopefully you have some alpine diesel onboard Leon
  4. Leon Brown

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Have put a hold on the Cooper st maxx and looking at other options Leon
  5. Leon Brown

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Steve thanks for your advice Leon
  6. Leon Brown

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Merv, Ended up with Cooper STMaxx 20/55/R20s Cost $510 . Also benefitted from a Coopers cash back of $40 per tyre bringing costs to $470 Thanks Leon
  7. Leon Brown

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Thanks Merv will consider
  8. Leon Brown

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi I am about to upgrade the tyres on the Silverado currently running 265/60/R20. Looking to move to 285/55/R20 All Terrain. Looking at Mickey Thompson ATZP3, Toyo AT2, Toyo RTs. What are you running and if anyone has had any experience with Mickey Thompsons ATZ. Any other recommendation welcome. I would be 60/70 blacktop 30/40 gravel etc Many Thanks Leon
  9. Leon Brown

    Kedron ATV Tyres

    Hi Thanks all for your input. I have gone with Hankook RF10 265/65/R17 LT with a 120/s rating. Load for these is 1400 KGs regards Leon
  10. Leon Brown

    Kedron ATV Tyres

    Hi , Van original tyres are 265/70/R17s shod with Goodyear Wrangler Kevlars which basically have a mud tread pattern. These need replacing so I was considering dropping the tyres size back to 265/65/R17 which reduces the profile slightly as this is a more common size. I would then look at a good Light Truck All Terrain tyre which would have a less aggressive tread. What have been yours experiences? Any advice on tyres you have on your vans. Thanks Leon
  11. Leon Brown

    Chev Silverado-Lost Turbo Boost in limp mode

    Hi All After all the problems ended up coming to Gympie. Further investigation found that the Turbo inlet pipe had a leak due to some clips being broken. This may have occurred as a result of replacing a leaking steering box. Had 2 boxes replaced before a success with replacement on the third time. Back on the road and appears to be going well. Leon
  12. Nev and Penny Thanks I will contact for info. Leon
  13. Merv, Thanks, I did search the site but came up no response. This is a great help. Leon
  14. Does any have information on snorkel kits , availability Leon
  15. Leon Brown

    Chev Silverado-Lost Turbo Boost in limp mode

    Tony Thanks for the tips Leon