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  1. I had a 2007 ute and had the same problem, except mine was a loose fitting tow bar and the end result was a cracked rear crossmember.. No joy with Toyota as they claimed that using a Hayman Reece WDH was a non genuine item and although the book says recommend using a wdh when towing, at the time Toyota didn't have a wdh. New Ute's mount tow bar to the side of the chassis only. May pay to check the 4 corners of the rear cross member and on top of the towbar where the coupling slides in. Den
  2. If you have the DO35coupling without the dust cap and use a reversing camera to back onto the coupling, try placing a golf ball on top of the hole where the pin comes through. This will alow you to see exactly where the hole is. In my case the camera is mounted low enough to see the top of the pin when reversing and can back on to the coupling at any angle and be spot on with the coupling. Love the coupling. Den n Col
  3. Hi Danno, just a word of caution with your plans. We set off when we were 50 year olds and planed on travelling for a couple of years. The problem is it can be very addictive and we are now into our 15 th year of tripping around and still love every day like it is a new adventure. The only thing is that doctors seem to want to interfere with our plans as we get older. While young I would say travel and enjoy the lifestyle and have no regrets. Den and Col
  4. Just ensure when you fit the jack and it is fully retracted that you have mounted it high enough on the A frame to give you the clearance required. Den
  5. Yes we use the trailer mate jack but not with the dolly wheel as you will never be able to push it around too much. We use the base plate and have the jack mounted high enough that it can't hit the ground. We then use a plastic block under the baseplate to take up the extra gap when disconnecting the van. Has been that way for 14 years. If you are worried about the jack creeping down when travelling then use a bungie cord to ensure it stays up. Den
  6. Good morning Neville . We have the large plastic trunk on the "A" frame and find it very handy for the side screens for the annex and the shade cloth used as a floor in the annex. If you do fit one always be careful about what weight goes in it. Den and Col
  7. When we looked at a replacement vehicle it was a toss up between a twin cab and a 200 series cruiser. The question of GVM upgrade came up and most people will say that you cannot increase GCM. I first of all rang QLD transport seeking clarification and followed up with an email. I was told that as there is no GCM rating for the Toyota, the GCM is taken as the GVM of the vehicle and what the towbar was rated at. If the vehicle has the appropriate mod plate fitted then I would be able to carry the extra weight without effecting the towing capacity. I subsequently showed the email to Lovells and after a couple of hours of deliberation they said that the transport dept was wrong. As they pointed out to me there is no name on the bottom of the reply so not too sure how it would stand if you were to go to court. In the end it was irrelevant as we decided on the twin cab which gave us the extra capacity we needed. (This depends on the tray and canopy chosen) I am not saying who is correct but if you have a GVM upgrade it may be worth putting the question to the relevant authorities, and make sure you have a name and position of who the respondent is . Den
  8. Same subject but a different trailer. Worked for a firm that had a lease vehicle registered in NSW and we were in Qld. Company had a box trailer that was used twice a day. I questioned the legality of this and to cut a long story short the third party insurer for the vehicle asssured me that it was fine but when asked to put it in writing "Definately not " Qld transport said the trailer is covered by the cars third party insurance IF THE CAR AND TRAILER ARE REGISTERED IN QLD. I wasn't worried about my driving so much but the thought of somebody stepping between car and trailer when pulled up at lights and you take off could be expensive. If you go down this path then get a definitive answer in writing along with author and position of the person givingthe ok. Den
  9. If you decide to go with the 3 way, make sure you get a motor home roof vent fitted for the fridge. I think Jayco are fitting them as standard these days. Had one installed when the van was built and have no complaints about the performance of the fridge. Basically it allows the heat from the fridge to rise straight up through the ceiling, so no fans are needed to try and shift the heat. May pay to research the model of the 3 way fridge as Dometic released a new range of fridges 2 years ago and going by the Jayco forum they had heaps of problems. Den and Col
  10. There was a big problem sealing the newer 4season hatches. A very big problem as nothing would stick to the plastic. Believe thsre is an etch or primer to use now. But that was only forthe four season hatches. Den and Col
  11. Have to ask how long the charger puts in 40 amps for. Our van has a xantrex 40 amp charger and depending on what power has been used it will start at 40 amp and over an hour will drop down to about 5 amps. With the solar , we have 3 x135 watt panel and output varies with position of sun, is the side of the van with 2 panels on facing the sun, if it is winter the sun won't be directly overhead at midday so shadow from the A/C and tv aerial will degrade output. I have placed a hand on a panel and the shade from the hand will knock 70% of output from the panel involved. If the shadow from the A/C is on the 2 panels on one side then it certainly doesn't help. I think the best I have seen is 18 amp output from the panels. Hope this helps a bit to understand things. Den and Col
  12. When you have the door open and separated, the surface of the lock that closes onto the side of the door jamb has a very small button protruding. If you push this button in you can then lock the mechanism with the door open. Just makes removal of the lock a little bit easier. Den and Col
  13. Tolley you can't go wrong coming down here in winter. Look at all the free airconditioning we have. Haven't raised a sweat since we have been here. Den and Col
  14. Merv and Di .The first toilets we went to here were stainless steel and no toilet seat. Now in this weather that makes you pucker up. No dump point and the notice on the dunny wall seems to indicate they get a little upset if you empty the cassette in their septic system. Den and Col
  15. Although it is not Bondi Beach, it is still great to play out side. Just can't convince Colleen that it's ok to get out of bed.
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