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  1. Hi Tony will be attending arrive 15/11/18. Leave 19/11/18 Powered site wine tasting yes for 1 Saturday Dinner yes for 1 Financial Associate Member #33 Look forward to catching up with everyone. Cheers Lynn Astill
  2. It is with great sadness we have to sell our much loved Car and van due to ill health. I am asking $130,000 for both the car and van. Would like to sell as a single unit if possible. The car has recently had the towing upgrade to 4t so would make it one of the few fully legal rigs regarding weights. Both car and van are 2010 models. The Van is a topender and has all the usual inclusions plus extra solar panel making 4 panels in total, 1800 watt inverter, lithium battery system, diesel heater, full Aussie Traveller Annex with anti flap bars, external pump for filling water tanks from creeks, has 2 x 100 ltr water tanks and 1 x 60 ltr drinking water tank. will also include 2.4 Yamaha generator, Webber baby Q bbq with trolly, trailer mate jack, satellite tv box and dish, the van has just had a full service by Kedron including brakes and suspension. The car is a 4.2 ltr V8 turbo diesel GXL with 120k on it. it has lots of extras which include winch, snorkel, spot lights, bull bar, tyer dog monitoring system for car and van, scan gauge, rear diff locker, onboard air compressor, new BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres, reversing camera for van, clear view side mirrors, rear draw and shelf system ( can include ARB fridge and slide for extra cost), rhino rack and tray with storage bag, side awning, pole carrier and shovel brackets. new king brown stainless steel 2.5 inch exhaust system. duel battery system and anderson plug for fridge. Car registered to Oct 2017 Van registered to July 2017. This setup is ready to go just your clothes and and your set to go. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who might be, you can give me a call on 0405158461. I will be advertising this elsewhere very soon.
  3. Hi all, Thank you all for your responses. Russ, it appears to have been a crushed wire from the drivers side panels, but still waiting for sunshine to know for sure. I will however re-check the fuses which we eventually found under the controller's cover just to be safe. Panels and controller all test 100%. Russ, it may have got wet from the vent directly above the controller as I found water in both vents after heavy driving rain. I have now blocked them. Thanks again, Chris
  4. Hi Peter, Oddly enough, I dont seem to have any for the panels. Thanks for your response though. Chris
  5. Hi Merv, Thanks for your response. I have pressed the reset button on the side a couple of times and shut the whole system down as well as that s sometimes effective too. Battery terminals are pristine and batteries (lithium) seem to be fine. Chris
  6. Hi all, Has anyone had any experience with the solar panels or charger/controller not providing the normal input suddenly. We have 4x135 kyocera panels and a Xantrex 40a controller/charger. Panels are clean, but only getting about half the usual charge, ie. Between 9 and 11 amps in full sun at midday. We used to get about 20 or more up until about a month ago. Heading to Adelaide in a bid to get sorted. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Chris
  7. Hi Jim. I have a Tekonsha, but the reason I am commenting is that I origially had it where the ashtray is, but had it moved to the usual left side of the steering wheel near the left knee. The reason being ease of access in emergency van breaking. Have had to use it on the Kalumburu Road and I am thankful that I moved it... Regards Chris
  8. Thanks Ann and Peter for your help. Yes Ann, the tank is black and after reading the link, it seems not an uncommon issue as mine leaks diesel when travelling with the tank full also. Peter, thanks, I have noticed Graeme now that you mention it. I will follow up on both leads. Thanks again folks. Kind regards Chris
  9. Hi all, Has anyone had to replace their diesel fuel tank cap for the Eberspacher Airtronic diesel heater. Ours has broken through sunlight and old age, but I cannot find a replacement that fits. We are currently in Esperace WA and I have tried all the obvious places including the local caravan shop which seems to have most parts. The lady there offered me a Dometic cap as she indicated that Airtronic was now owned by dometic. It was too small. Any ideas?? Ours has DIESEL embossed on the top. Kedron are closed until 19 Jan so the tank has the old glad wrap and a rubber band on it. I hope it works better than in my youth.....lol. Regards Chris.
  10. Hi Brian, Unfortunately, Tom has recently retired, but Ashley is there as well as Leisa's daughter, Loryn. Regards Chris
  11. Hi Kev, I have the 60amp Stirling Charger and 360ah of lithium batteries installed in our van. I did bridge the 2 outlets, though I do not know if it makes a difference. As a matter of intetest, I used the "custom" charge settings as it suited my batteries better that the generic lithium setting. Regards Chris
  12. Jacko, We can confirm the lymes disease stories. Lynn was unlucky enough to contract it from a tick bite 2 years ago. She was fortunate in seeing an ex-british doc who had seen it before and spotted it and prescribed the appropriate antibiotics. Timing is critical if I recall with only about a 3 day window to start the antibiotics. She has had no further symptoms. Regards Chris.
  13. Ian, I bought them nearly 2 years ago now from EV Power Australia P/L. I see they still sell them. I bought 2 180 A/H ones that come setup as shown in their pics. I also purchased the Battery Management System and Control Unit(necessary, I reckon, if not only for piece of mind, but also for warranty and easy shutdown). Now the bad news, the 2 batteries and BMS from memory were over 3 grand. I remember that I bought a new 60amp Sterling Battery Charger as well which was about $900 delivered and all up it came to just over $4k. Regards Chris
  14. Hi Ian, Just for a different perspective, whilst I have installed 360A/H of Lithium batteries, it is still a job to get them to 100% every day, which they prefer apparently. I purchased a 120W portable solar panel to run our ARB fridge when tenting. I have found that when it's anderson plug is plugged into the van anderson plug which usually plugs into the car, it happily charges the van batteries along with the 4 panels on the roof. The bonus is that it can be turned to get the full benefit of the sun during the day whilst the roofmounted panels spend a fair bit of time in the shade of the airconditioner, unless I am lucky enough to park east/west. I should also add that it pumps in more power on average than the individual roof panels because I am too lazy to get up to clean them!! Regards Chris
  15. Hi Taka, We are currently at Middle Lagoon on the Dampier Peninsula. We expect to be in Fitzroy Xing in about 3 weeks or so and will be travelling to Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge, Mornington Wilderness Camp, Charnley Station & Bell Gorge thereafter and back to Broome before heading south. Hope to see you guys. We have a gold Topender with a white 200 series Toyota, though both are red at the moment.... Regards Chris & Lynn
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