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  1. ARRR there matey You be breakin my copyright rules there matey.the fine will be 1 bottle of black RN rum delivered to me by 2 dusky madens or if you cant find em,then 2 slightly dirty white ones. Captin Rick
  2. Gary ,you clazy man.Where you buy dis ting? I want one.But not for cooking!! (nudge,nudge,wink,wink,say no more) Cheers Rick
  3. Hi Ladles and Gentlebodies Has anybody fitted an EGT gauge to their 100series T/diesel? What make? How much (fitted)? And is it worth the money? Where did you fit the readout? (piccies if possible) Cheers Rick
  4. Hi Folks Rick & I are considering buying an Aussie Camp Oven (10" size) made by Southern Metal Spinners in Adelaide. They are made from "high quality spun steel" rather than using cast iron as normal camp ovens are made. Before we make the commitment, I'm really curious about other peoples' experiences with this little beasty - ie pros, cons and just how you feel about it. Cheers, Lea
  5. Greetings Gang A couple of Questions. 1. Has anyone taken off there drop down legs(from the van Gary! ) and taken them apart to grease the middle section? 2. I would like to spray the A frame and underneath galvanised section with a product called Hi Chem Hammercoat just to tidy it up a bit.The question is I had a very similar product and it said on the label ,not to be used on Galvanised surfaces.Is this because it damages the surface or is there another reason? Cheers Rick
  6. G`Day Phil We are the same as Nats. We had pillow top mattresses made by MMM (Made to measure mattresses) 3yrs.ago and could not be happier. Great service and they delivered to the factory when you require them. Cheers Rick & Lea
  7. Hi Chaps & Chapeses Yes, unfortunately we are in the Kempsey region about 16ks. out at Sherwood.It has been a very "interesting" week.We were flooded in for about 5 days but we survived.We were just running out of food and wine.Owing to Woolies ringing us on Wed.morning and telling us they could not deliver our order because of the floods."bugger"!The people we feel most for are Steve & Kerry who arrived here on the Sat. arvo. They were going to use our place as a base to tour the surrounding area but Mother Nature said I don`t think so. They had to spend the week with us as all roads were closed.They are a great couple and we had a weeks worth of good company and several Happy hours.The roads finally opened on Fri.just in time for them to head home and back to work 'Double Bugger' Now back to the original Question.We have a weather station with a separate outside monitor. the main inside monitor gives inside/outside temps, humidity,moon phases and time.also tells you when your wine glass is empty. (I made that last one up )We purchased it on dealsdirect.com for about $50 some months ago.Also shows date and time and weather icons. Cheers Rick & Lea
  8. Hi Gary & Kaye I am surprised that nobody has suggested this idea as yet,but we have a 6inch piece of string which we hang out of door when camped .When it is wet it is raining. when it sticks straight out it is windy. If it has a shadow on it, generally means sun is out.But you get my drift.The beauty of this system is that is economical to run (no complicated electronic parts)and can be easily replaced with any old string. Now I will go and take my meds. and lay down for a while. Cheers Rick
  9. Hi Ken & Christine We have had single beds in both Kedrons over the last 5yrs.,and we have never had problem making it across that vast gap between beds for a "cuddle" You also get a lot more storage room accessible from the outside. Also welcome to the world of Keddy owners. Cheers Rick & Lea
  10. Thanks Phil Now I have got it. When you said you just plugged it in,did you have to remove the old one and was there any wiring involved? Cheers Rick
  11. Hi Phil Could not open attachment,wanna try sumfin diferant??!! Cheers Rick
  12. Hi Gary Are you still at it? I would have thought you had made up your mind by now. But just to keep you happy here goes. 1 Get rid of the oven ,it`s totally useless. 2 Put the diesel heater controls next to the bed. 3 Add more inverter outlets near bed for my CPAP. 4 Take away a cupboard and replace with drawers. 5 Do something different with current wardrobe (still thinking about it) 6 Win lottery to complete above Cheers Rick & Lea
  13. Ah So! Tankoo Cheers Rick
  14. 1000 lb. Hitch???? Please explain! Cheers Rick
  15. G`Day Steve & Kez We checked out Styx River State forest a couple of weeks ago on our way down here to Sherwood.(In Camps 6 it was No.301)It was in disgusting condition ,rubbish everywhere and very chopped up and muddy.It looked sadly neglected and there was only a a few suitable van sights. It was a shame as we were really looking forward to it. It is such a beautiful area.We ended up staying at Dangar Falls Lodge and Camping ground (No.294)It was a great spot as we had it to ourselves.It was $25 a night for power and water.We had a drive UP to Point Lookout,a great view from the top.We did not realise that you were supposed to leave your van at the bottom. (OOPS) ,but we made it up to the carpark OK and yes there is a turn around point.As I said in an earlier post we are sitting in Sherwood for 10 weeks and you are welcome to stay here and use it as a base for sight seeing.The Kempsey to Armidale road is NOT suitable for vans. Cheers Rick & Lea
  16. Hi Blackie I don`t care how cold it gets here in Sherwood (NSW) I have my goat to keep me warm. :biggrin: Cheers Rick & Lea
  17. G`Day Ian & Jill We have a Grundig HDTV/DVD 19inch.We purchased it from Springers about 2 Yrs. ago. it is a beauty ,uses 3.2 amps per hour and is very light.It is about 3/4 of the weight of the TEAC we had originally, and our opinion is a better picture :thumbsup: cheers Rick & Lea
  18. Hi Gang Has anybody attempted to drive across the Armidale to Kempsey Rd. with van. One opinion from local says NO WAY. I am interested in more opinions and comments. :helpsmilie: Cheers Rick & Lea
  19. G`Day Greg Yes the chamfer is the mod.We have tried everything to get it to go on easily inc. camera,handheld uhf ,moving it back and forth,up and down,in and out (made that last one up :laugh: )We must have got a Monday Mchitch .It does not happen every time we hitch up,only about 10%.So hopefully the mod will make a difference,because that is were it gets caught up.We will be in Sherwood near Kempsey doing a house sit for 10 weeks so will have a bit of time to get it fixed. Cheers from Cold Armidale Rick & Lea
  20. G`Day All We also have a Mc Hitch used with WDH bars ,whilst I agree with Greg (Havago) on most points of the hitch,we still find it to be a bit of a mongrel to hitch up on occasions. If it is not exactly lined up on the pin it refuses to go on,but with a lot of swearing (mostly from Lea of course) and kicking it will go on. I believe McHitch has acknowledged the problem and has made a slight modification to fix it,which we will investigate whilst house sitting in NSW. Cheers Rick & Lea :smile:
  21. RickA


    Hi Herman You would need a small Pure sine wave for computers and phone charging,about 300 watts should be heaps. Victron Phoenix is a good brand. As for the rest a modified around 1800watts should be sufficient for washing machine etc. Check with Springers 12volt. they are the experts in that type of stuff. Cheers Rick :thumbsup:
  22. Hi Danny We have the same problem.We even changed the radio to a more upmarket Panasonic and it was no better,so we just plug in the MP3 and listen to our own music :biggrin: At least there are no adds.We had one of the old pull out telescopic aerials on the other Keddy and that was no better.The only thing I can suggest is to some how?? fit a car radio aerial that extends when you turn it on. Cheers Rick
  23. Hi Kev After a couple of initial problems with the Vitrifigo in WA of all places(thats a whole other story :smile: ) We had the electronic controller replaced and the cycle rate adjusted,and it has worked like a charm ever since in both hot and cold conditions.We rarely run it above 3,usually on about 1.5.We find it works better when it is relatively full(who knows why,it just does). Whilst the Engal is a great brand(We have one) just keep in mind that 90litres is not very much room for a fridge.and 90 litres is a LOT of freezer. Just our humble opinion. Cheers Rick & Lea
  24. G`Day Grahame Thankyou very much for your info on Panels and Batteries.That would have to be the clearest and most easily understood explanation for the system I have ever read.I usually get bamboozled on the second line of previous attempts to explain how every thing works. :confused1: If you are game write the same explanation on caravanersforum.com. :thumbsup: Thankyou again Cheers Rick & Lea
  25. RickA

    Fridge Fuse

    G`Day Bryan I hate to be the bearer of bad news mate ,but if your batteries are only showing 12.2v they are probably near or at their use by date. :sad: Get them tested by an 12 volt specialist just to make sure. Cheers Rick
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