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  1. Hello Tony and Annie

    Hope you are all settled at Maryborough in your new house and doing some fun travels with your new American truck towing your Kedron.

    We have ordered a new Landcrusier GX and hopefully it will be delivered mid Oct. We have many things we want to fit like draws, cargo barrier and Bullbar and of course they all cost $ so we are working out our budget. 

    We are thinking about a set of Clearviews, we do not want to order them till we get the LC200 just to make sure of what type we need for a GX, at this stage we think they will be black with no turn signal indicator.

    So could you please give us an indicative price for a black pair with no turn signal, for delivery to us at home at postcode 2620. 

    Also once we place an order typically how long for delivery?


      Terry and Ellie


    PS Tried your old dodo email address and it bounced.

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