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Caravan Covers

Rich and Miss Lizzie

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I wonder if anyone out there can offer me advice on the use of caravan covers?

Firstly, my ATV sits in the driveway when not in the "great outdoors". I do not have it connected to 240v power but rather rely on the 2x 130 watt solar panels to keep the batteries topped up. Is it worthwhile considering a caravan cover to protect against UV damage to roof hatch covers etc? It would need to have specific unprotected sections for the solar panels to continue to operate.

If worthwhile considering, can anyone recommend a supplier/manufacturer who can provide a heavy duty cover and who can customise the roof section to accommodate the solar panels?

Would appreciate any advice on this matter from fellow Kedron Owners ...... Thanks

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Hi Rich and Miss Lizzie

As our ATV was to be parked outside, we decided to use a cover and as there was no power available nearby, to have clear panels over the solar panels to keep the batteries charged. Research found a cover maker on the Sunshine Coast (Kawana we think, as we are away from home at the moment) and in a phone call to discuss cost etc, we were advised they would not make a cover with clear panels. To make a cover like that would compromise the integrity of the cover. The company suggests use of a small portable solar panel/charger, which can be connected via the wiring normally used to connect the van to the tow vehicle. They can sell you the gear but we had one so saved what was a reasonable-priced panel, which has sufficient output to keep the batteries happy but does not require any other electronics.

Coinciding with a visit through the Sunshine Coast, the company came to the caravan park and measured up, and by the time we were heading home, the cover was finished and we called in for it to be test-fitted etc.

The cover is heavy duty and has some hail protection properties.

Being covered, there is minimal air-circulation in the van and so we always place 4 moisture-absorbing pots of crystals in the van.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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Hi There Rich & Miss Lizzie,

Like yours our 21Ft ATV is parked in our driveway. This was our first van so we thought it would be good to use a cover but still utilise the 3 solar panels. We had a cover made by Caravan Covers Australia at Warana 1300 304 332. We had 3 solar panel windows (PVC or whatever)and a fridge vent panel so that we could leave the Vitrifrigo running as many Koggers recommended. We soon realised that with the cover on the temperature in the van was so high it was not sensible to leave the fridge running and we now turn it off when at home (cover on or not). Before our van we had 2 camper trailers, both with deep cycle batteries so we are always very conscious of not letting the voltage drop below about 12.4. Our original 3 batteries only lasted 2 years before they were finished (a nice way to say what I really mean). Since buying our new Full River batteries January 2012 whenever we are home we now leave mains power connected. The voltage stays at 13.8 and all is good. We also run the Genny for a short time most mornings while free camping to top the batteries right up. To sum up, given our time again we would not bother to have a cover and even if we did it would be a simple and cheap one with no solar panel windows etc. We would also leave the mains power connected at all times (as we do). This is simply our opinion based on our experience and as with everything "experts" may refute everything we have said.

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