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Are you happy with your Kedron?

Danno Bananno

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Our Van is a 2008 21ft Top Ender and we are very happy with it. The thing that has gone wrong with it when we did the Gibb River Road in 2010 was that the power Circuit Breaker dropped off which turned the mains power off. After some cussing and kick things around in bad temper I found that the breaker was off. So with quit a bit of humility I quietly turned it on and behaved like the gentleman that I am. To sum Up Best Van on the market and the after sale service is unequalled in the trade


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HI All


Its been a while since we've posted to the forum.

We decided on purchasing an offroad van, we researched the market and decided that we would by one from the opposition, we went to the caravan show ready to sign and pay money, we stood in the stand in the sight of the sales man (as they were busy) for about 30 mins waiting for someone to come to us, during this time we decided to check out the vans on display, needless to say we were disappointed, a big white chain up only allowing us access to about a meter inside the van, you were not allowed to open or close any cupboards or drawers, I couldn't even go to the other end of the van to check out the bathroom. Getting pretty frustrated we decided to move on and decided to do the transaction at the factory.


On our way out of the show we had to walk through the Kedron display, Glen Gall was there and straight away came upto us and wanted to show us his vans, we explained to him that had already made a decision on the brand of van we were wanting, thanked him and went to walk on. To our surprise he said, thats ok but can I show you anyway. We then spent the next 3 hours with Glen, he showed us the ins and outs of the top ended (as this was the offroad equivalent to what we wanted), we were so impressed with not only the display, workmanship, sales advise and service we bought a Kedron Topender, now we are still working and dont get to use the van as often as we would like, but we are planning our big lap and will be on the road in about 18mths.


Just my 2 cents worth









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Hello All. I have a couple of questions for owners here. I am looking at a second hand Top Ender TE3, built in December 2015. It is unique in that it was a 16' x 7' tandem axle, with East/east bed, combo shower/toilet, 2kg washing machine & a huge Enerdrive lithium system. This is a incredible build van & will suit my 200 series land cruiser with aplomb & ease of towing. It has KRS with independant air bag suspension, if fact a ton of goodies. & so to my question. Does anyone here have a east west bed & are they very happy with that configuration. Thanks so much in advance,

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Hi Newby , we have a 2008 Top Ender  an east west bed set up with the combo ensuite at the front of the van . Very happy with this . Also have air bag suspension . One of the first ones Kedron provided. Actually this one was made before they started to offer them . The van was made for a couple in Brisbane we bought it second hand in 2010 and have never regretted it . 

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