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    Have you got - manual and auto switch? either way though if you have a leak somewhere the compressor should be turning on to replenish the air tank .
  2. And another repair done in Perth . This time related to our airbag suspension. Been leaking slowly now for some time and I have been under the van I don’t know how many times with soapy water spray as well as inside at the controls with no joy . Airbag man suggested I contact Midland 4x4 in Perth and I’m pleased to report that they have fixed the problem. We had a leak on the self leveling arm which apparently was hard to detect. I received terrific service from this company including a call the next morning to see how things were going. John
  3. Hi Leeance, still love our 200 series, and have found that driving around town is great .No body roll and very responsive. Always a pleasure to drive including when towing. We just completed a 8000 km trip up north, dusty roads so she had a birthday done professionally looks like new again . Congratulations and enjoy your new ride . John
  4. Another perth repair recommendation . Vitrifrigo Fridge stopped working, contacted Selective Fridges 3 Cessna drive in Jandakot . Arrived 8 am on our way 8.45. Replaced the main control box . In stock on time good price great service.
  5. Hi Newby , we have a 2008 Top Ender an east west bed set up with the combo ensuite at the front of the van . Very happy with this . Also have air bag suspension . One of the first ones Kedron provided. Actually this one was made before they started to offer them . The van was made for a couple in Brisbane we bought it second hand in 2010 and have never regretted it . John
  6. Looking at new caravan insurance with lay up . Any recommendations welcome with maybe some history of a claim please. John
  7. The Stone stomper goes under the drawbar from the rear bar attachment to the front of the caravan. We never had the mud flaps Kedron are using now . However in my opinion the Stone Stomper would be more effective than mud flaps under the Stone guard.
  8. We have the stone stomper and very happy with it . Also have the Kedron fitted stone guard but could easily take that off as no stones whatsoever flick up from the land cruiser. The Stone Stomper also keeps the dust down low . Also stops the stones flying back onto the tow vehicle. John
  9. Hi Pete , we have, since this post started purchased a new 200 Sahara and had both GVM and the 4 t tow kit installed by Lovells and couldn’t be happier with the vehicle. Handles very well towing and on its own. No or little body roll is felt .We also have installed torque converter and a chip . Towing around 3.6 t we are getting around 19 lt per 100 sitting on 100 klm per hour. But around town 15 so not much different. That’s the only downside I recon . John
  10. HiPhil and Katirna , we installed: remap and torque converter and are very happy with both . The remap gives us a little more power and the torque converter makes towing our heavy Kedron Top Ender a breeze . Sure it was easy before in 2016 200 series but it now holds it in gear for longer periods plus a substantial fuel saving .Its now a much smoother ride . We also have the Lovells GVM and tow kit installed. Sure it’s all costly, but in our case the land cruiser is our about town vehicle as well and suits us very well .
  11. We recently purchased a Altech tv with built in vast system thinking that because it’s all in one must be better but very disappointed with the speakers . They sound very tinny . Our local techno is looking into trying to connect the tv to our speaker system in the ceiling. I’m also sorry now that I ditched the old Phonex tv fitted by the factory . Also waiting for any suggestions. John
  12. Hi Rob I had Terry I from mannum install our lithium system nearly 4 years ago . Great service and back up. Replaced 3x 120 with 600 amp . Looking back 400 would have been ample . Can’t help you with Itec world other than ,Go Lithium!!
  13. Just had some excellent service from two companies in Perth , both at the caravan park so mobile. 1: Terrsat Pty Ltd ( Mile) repaired our Auto sat which was not behaving as it should have, basically some worn parts after 10 years and serviced the motor like new now . 2 Nexus 1 Caravan Plumbing and gas (Steve ) repaired and serviced the Suburban Hot Water system . I can recommend both guys, both professionals in there field AND arrived at the caravan park on time . No connection to either just recommend them John
  14. We also had a Mchitch auto was happy with it when connected but all sorts of trouble when trying to hook up on a angle, which I need to do when parked at home . We invested in a Lovells tow kit upgrade and was forced to use the Hitch Easy and wow what a great bit of kit . Easy to use no problems at all when coming in on a angle. I am glad with the change over on our Topender .love the Hitch Easy.
  15. We had lunch at Malcolm dam and camped at Giles Breakaway on the ridge terrific views there . Second night at old Great central rd lookout, meet a dingo there . I was taking a photo and heard a growl turned around and he was 3 meters behind me. Third night Dingo camp( no dingos ) about 100 klm from the Olga’s. We camped for two nights at Morris Pass on the Mereenie loop . Another great site parked on the ridge. Took a bit to get the van in but it was worth it. Only trouble there is the toilet paper in the bush . People must think that it may grow!!!
  16. Just completed the Great Central road west to east . The road to Warburton wasn’t too bad at all but things deteriorated from then on . It was very rough both the WA and NT sections . The dust was horrendous as causing us some drama but we did enjoy the trip over thanks to the Kedron. We also traveled the Mereenie loop which was fantastic drive following the Ranges into Alice Springs. Damage: one caravan tyre demolished and a leaking gas pipe on the water heater. Both repaired now . We were planning to do the Tanami track but chickened our had enough dust for a while so doing the loop up to Katherine then head west to the coast .
  17. Thanks for your report and useful information. John
  18. Thanks Chris but we won’t be going on the Plenty . Planning Great Central from west , on to Palm Valley then the Tanami track to Halls Creek.
  19. Busy means revenue for the city can’t be a bad thing. We are heading that way mid August Great Central road west to the Rock plus Hermannsburg then Tanami track . Can’t wait .
  20. We have a diesel heater in our 2008 Top Ender with no fuel filter and have never had any problems. Not saying you shouldn’t have one , maybe we’ve been lucky? John
  21. Hi John , we own a Top Ender with upgraded ATM to 3990 kg towing with 200 series with Lovell’s 3850 and 4t towing upgrades. Our usual weight is around 3.4-5 sometimes a little more and found that with the Hitch easy Hitch the van tracks better with the distribution bars . Just feels safer . Regarding emptying the canister sometimes you just may have to dig a hole . We haven’t bothered with a grey water tank but if buying new it probably would be a good idea. kedron in my opinion build a great caravan which will take you where ever you may want to travel , they are well finished with many features and top quality extras . The best is though the after sales backup and service is second to none. The Kedron team will bend over backwards to help you . John
  22. Just missed you . Spent the last two nights at Coalseam and drove through Mingenew this morning.The wildflowers are prolific this year . I did see a Kedron camped at the Breakaway site last night when I was on the phone ( only can get reception there) went back this morning but they were gone . WA private plates . John
  23. Thanks Merv , whilst I am happy with that , makes me wonder though, if it’s deemed not to be safe As of June 1, why is our upgrade ok ? You would think that it would have to be for all vehicles if it’s not safe .Doesnt make sense to me . I am very happy with the upgrades.
  24. Been trying to decipher the discussions on the other forums. What about the second stage 4 tonne tow upgrade which we have , is this also as well as the GVM upgrade still legal ? Prior June 1 ?
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