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Hi Peter & Margaret,

Enjoy the northern beaches, (Narrabeen and Mona Vale) my old stomping ground....so many memories.......BUT I don’t miss the traffic!

We are currently at New Norfolk, just out of Hobart, first slightly damp overcast day in a week or so.

Today we went out to Lake Pedder and Strathgordon, the scenery and vistas are amazing here in Tassie, can’t get enough of it.

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Hi Tony.


Sydney traffic, we only drive between the school zone tines, 9.30am and 2.30pm. We have been staying at Narrabeen on and off since about 1996, so are pretty used to it, and Sydney, where I spent my teenage years,


As for Tassie, we spent about 3 months there in 2008/2009 and didn't see it all; such a wonderful place. Probably going again late this year.......more family.


Travel safe



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Just set up at Bethune Park (Camps 9/113 Tasmania)
Here for the long weekend in Tassie to avoid the ‘hordes’
Second shot, later in the arvo after a short sharp storm ☔️ 



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We are sitting behind the Wiseman Ferry Bowls Club tonight.

Last night we stayed behind the Wollombi Tavern, what a great little town. When we arrived the local markets were on, of course we went for a walk around them. Route 33 is a favourite for motor bike riders and the tavern is a popular stop along with the classic vehicles that call in. It was a people and vehicle watching day for us.  Left there this morning and while we didn’t have any bike traffic (actually we had no traffic) I can understand why they like the road, hilly and winding, but very pretty drive. We boarded the oldest operational vehicle Ferry in Australia to cross the Hawkesbury River. Tomorrow we will be in a caravan park to do the washing and resupply before we head off to Bendeela, Kangaroo Valley for the KOG gathering.ACDD5287-8716-4698-96C6-AD140759392D.thumb.jpeg.2fe827b853871c76891766aff67f1d35.jpeg

Wollombi Tavern camping65CD518B-6053-4EC7-A4A7-1ECEECF7C3CB.thumb.jpeg.57ecf2f56523d425e1bfa8ab0964e4ca.jpegWollombi Tavern80FACD55-BF42-4D19-9BAD-0018F44BB4FA.thumb.jpeg.50301898f689793d3c8a97d60363ed05.jpeg


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Sandra, what a lovely place that looks!  And the photo on the ferry (a selfie yet!) is classic.

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Thanks Chris,

We wanted a photo of the car and van on the ferry, however you are not to leave the vehicle (I got told!!) 

I think Clive did a good job taking the selfie as we were against the railing, he had to contend with mirrors and the weather shield.

it has been a good trip, looking forward to heading to Bendeela tomorrow.


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