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Benefits of using the search function


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Today, I had a senior moment……

Went to the servo to fill the truck and the diesel heater tank, took the cap off the heater tank and filled it up, then filled the truck.

All good arrived at my next destination to find diesel all over the front of the van…….the silly old fart that filled the tank neglected to refit the fuel cap…..(I left it sitting on the A frame whilst filling and of COURSE it fell off and was lost going to my next stop.)

I made enquiries about a new cap, but was unable to source one, short of buying a complete new tank for $180 plus freight.

Cursing myself, and stewing over my stupidity, I recalled a post on this site about a fellow member having trouble locating a replacement fuel cap.

I then did a simple search on this site using the ‘key words’ diesel fuel tank cap. Within a nano second my search was completed and my answer was before my eyes.


I put this post up because some people have commented in the past that the website is difficult to use…..it isn’t…..just type in the ‘key words’ into the search box (top right hand corner of the home or any other page) and there is a good chance your questions will be answered.


Have fun and don’t be a silly old fart, like me!

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I have always said the great value of this forum is that it is a repository of wisdom and full of accumulated information.  Plus trip reports are put up here!

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Spot on Chris, your trip reports are always very informative and an interesting read.

Having this website and using the ‘search’ function is makes Kedron ownership a lot more friendly and relative.

The current trend of using social media with its very limited search facilities ( there one minute, then gone) is not user friendly.

Cheers & stay safe


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Hi Tony aka silly old fart,

Was the solution to buy a plumbing fitting cap, which snugly fits on?


Obviously you are up and running, or at least the vehicle is, again. 

And you now know Alice Springs like you never intended.


Cheers, Bas 

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Yes mate a trip to the ‘Green Shed’ and my fuel tank woes were solved…….if only my truck transmission problems could be solved as easily. 
Currently organising a ‘recovery’ from Alice to home……still having problems with transmission that I feel can only be fixed by the guy that rebuilt it……some what peed off, to say the least!

Alice Springs is a lovely town and area, we have enjoyed our 9 weeks here, somewhat longer than we originally planned to stay……ready to move on…….unfortunately back to the east coast with all the Covid about.

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Hi Tony.


Margaret and I can only feel for you both. What a disappointment in not being able to continue your journey,.


But on the other hand you’re both safe and well, and that’s a plus these day’s.


Cheers from Pete



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Cheers Pete,

Yes, having good health and being able to have a laugh in these times, is a bonus. 
Hugs for Margaret.     

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