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Solve My Claim.


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Greetings all, trusting this finds you well & happy (& dry if your in SE QLD)

Last June Annie & I were travelling on the Plenty Hwy towards Alice Springs, very looooong story cut short we had a transmission failure with the 'tug' (GMC Sierra) we were towed into Alice and spent the next ten weeks there trying to get the problem sorted, (side story even loooonger) now back home (Maryborough) still having problems, but then that's another story.

On removal of the transmission in Alice it was established that the failure of the transmission was caused by impact damage to a wiring harness under the vehicle being impacted by a stick or stone resulting in the wiring shorting out destroying the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and in turn locking the transmission in at least two gears. Being 'accidental damage' as opposed to a breakdown I was able to submit an insurance claim for the cost of repairs.


I'm not going to name the (major player) insurance company or the repairer (as it it is irrelevant to this post).

My initial dealings & enquiries with the insurer, were cordial, professional & reasonably stress free, but as the repair bills & wait times were ever increasing my stress levels started to rise.

Although being very comfortable in Alice (such a beautiful town with so much to see & do) being 'so far' from home....Annie informs me I wasn't the easiest person to live with!

A lot of free time was spent 'touring' Alice. On one of my tours, I happened to see a vehicle with sign writing on it, blazed down the side of it 'Solve My Claim'. Returning to the caravan I googled this company, & their website was informative and answered most of my questions, to my surprise they were based in Alice!

I sent an email, outlining my situation to Solve My Claim (SMC).

In due course I was contacted by David Keane the principal of SMC. David outlined his companies purpose & structure & how he believed he (SMC) could assist me with the claim process with my insurer.

(Please note, at this time I have a good relationship with the insurer & repairer.....but as the $'s being paid out by me are ever increasing my stress levels were rising....wondering how much the insurer would cover & refund me)

We decided to engage SMC, from that moment on, all my communications to the insurer were done by SMC. SMC's experience & knowledge immediately dropped my stress levels.

To date SMC have been able to recover ALL of my outgoings relating to the repair of the transmission, plus an additional amount ($1000) SMC found in the small print of the insurers 'small print'

Yes....we did have to pay Solve My Claim for their services, .....but we believe, the amount we paid for their professional services was far less than the extras SMC were able to secure for us in the claims process....with NO STRESS!

Solve my Claim can assist with ANY insurance claim, house, vehicle, caravan etc.

Have a look at their website https://solvemyclaim.com.au/  ...there only a phone call or email away!
Annie & I would have NO hesitation in engaging their services again! 


Usual disclaimer......

Annie & I have NO affiliation with SMC other than being very satisfied clients!


Travel safe 

Annie & Tony



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Tony, thanks for posting this.  It could be so worthwhile to have this assistance.  What a creative business idea.


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