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Getting ready for lithium batteries


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Getting ready for lithium batteries in my

Kedron 2013 AV2

3x300 solar Panels on the roof

60W Morningstar controller MPPT

60amp Enerdrive battery charger 

DC2DC Enerdrive 40+ charger all wired in 

35mm cable 

Thanks to Tony’s great advice 35mm Cable is the go 

1000W Redarc inverter as well
so I think I am ready to go lithium batteries soon

just need to convince the wife 





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Looks like a very neat installation Rod, good to see those ‘fat’ cables!

Going to lithium are you planning on fitting a bigger inverter? With a 1000w unit you will only be able to use a VERY small toaster or VERY small electric jug & NOT together! But then you may only want to run a CPAP machine which that inverter will do with ease.

Sorry to rain on your parade. 



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All good and thanks for the good advice on the cable size 

I was very low cash 💰 

so a new 2600W inverter was out of the picture 

I had the 1000W Redarc in the shed from my old van

when I go lithium batteries I am thinking of 3x120 itech world batteries 

have you got any info on them 

good or bad



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I am with Tony on the size of the inverter.  The beauty of lithium is the ability to use an electric kettle or coffee machine etc.  A 1000watt inverter will be very limiting.


I love being able to use the electric items while off grid, all powered free by the sun.

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  • 4 months later...

Christmas has come early 

3 new lithium batteries landed on my front door

Itechword 120x

looking to put them to the test



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Hi Rod,    Looks very good. I am going through the same process now.   One  comment though. You seem to have the fuse very close to the inverter.  The fuse should be located as close as possible to the battery. The purpose of the fuse is to protect the cable in case of a short which would allow excess current to flow from the battery through the cable. Having the fuse  distant from the battery does not protect the cable if the cable shorts somewhere along its length before the fuse. This situation could happen if for some reason the insulation became damaged.  Attached is a copy of the appropriate page of the installation instructions which also mentions this.  Regards,  Ken

Fuse Location.pdf

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Hi Rod, I’ve just put 3 itech world batteries in my topender. I still have the old Redarc BCDC but have an enerdrive unit on order and will throw the Redarc in the cruiser. I have the same AC charger and morning star solar. One of the issues I had(maybe still do to some degree) is the calibration of the  eLite battery monitor 
I have 3 x 130w panels and in sunshine will top up the batteries to full in a few hours. I’m seeing 85% in the morning running just the fridge and 1or 2 lights, I work it out that the fridge pulls around 6-8amps and at 50% run time for say 12hrs Is about 45ah plus 3amps for 4hrs is 12ah so call it 60ah out of 360ah capacity (maybe only 315ah usable) so around 1/6th of capacity used overnight which roughly equates to the 85% on the battery monitor 

the itech batteries seem to suck up the charge really well

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Hi Rob 

when I set up the 3 lithium batteries 

I contacted Enerdrive and they were very helpful  over the phone to help with calibration 

me being a dummy I messed it up 

so Enerdrive sent one of there field technicians over to sort it all out he was very good and very helpful 

and yes you are correct we are not getting 360 amp hours 



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