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Forum "Founding Father" Kim Greenwood Seriously Unwell

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Hi fellow Kedronners.

I have been in touch with Kim Greenwood ("Kimbo") who is seriously ill.  Kimbo is one of the founding fathers of the forum, and long time members will remember him well.


The history is way back in time (I don't have any idea what year!) a group of three Kedron owners with a passion for the brand, got together over a few drinks and had the brilliant idea to create this group.  They were Sue Hoile (Webby), Darryl Darben (Dazmit) and Kim Greenwood (Kimbo).  Ann Lynch was present too, I believe...  All were tireless in their energy to create the group and keep it running.  Sue created the technical side of things for the forum and designed the platform on which it was.  Kimbo was the inaugural President.  I think that is how it happened...  Edit: I have been advised Peter Flynn was the inaugural President.  Kimbo no doubt gave a lot of advice in a separate capacity 😀


Since then he has been a very active and loud promoter of the Kedron brand and a valued member of the Kedron family.


Kimbo has asked me to let his friends in the group know of his health issues and the battle he is having, and authorised this post being placed on the forum.  He has not lost his characteristic sense of humour, and is dealing with this in a positive way.


I am sure we will all send him and his family our thoughts, and wish him well with this battle.


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Hi Chris.
Thinking of Kimbo, and all the good times we had together in the Kedron Owners Group. We remember parking our Kedron overnight at their place and the hospitality they showed us.

Cheers from Margaret and Peter.

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Although I have only meet Kimbo & Nerida once, very early in our Kedron ‘life’ his friendship & assistance is long remembered. 

Thanks guys, travel safe and may the journey be not to rough. 

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On 13/09/2020 at 8:53 PM, Webby said:


End of 2003

it would have been in 2004 we joined the group, I am guessing.  And we all met at Milmerran Camp Oven Festival.  It certainly was part of the Kedron “family”, which has developed even more tightly since.


We all have much to thank you three for what you did back then!

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Sadly Kimbo lost the good fight last night and passed away. He will not be forgotten as we shared so many good times not just as mates but being a part of KOG.

Thoughts and hugs go to Nerida, their children and grand children.




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Kimbo's wife Ned has posted of the family's loss.


Kimbo meant so much to so many people and was a larger than life character.  He was a great supporter of the Kedron brand and considered himself to be part of the "Kedron family".


I spoke to him on Sunday and he spoke with affection of the many people he met through this group and what they all meant to him.  Among his last words with me was a planning out aloud about what he wanted to see happen to his precious Kedron van!


Our hearts are heavy today.

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The news of Kim Greenwood’s (Kimbo) passing is very saddening.

As mentioned in previous posts he (& his wife Nerida) were founding members of the Kedron Owners Group (KOG).

His passion for his family (including extended), & life generally is well known.

Your memory will be remembered for a very long time and around many campfires.

The thoughts and condolences of the Kedron Owners Group, goes to all of the Greenwood family at this sad time.


Tony Heat

President KOG 

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That is a great photo of Kimbo. One that reminds me of many great times.  

He was always one for safety and taught me the right way to use a chainsaw. To this day when I pick up a chainsaw, his words of safety ring in my ears.

Thoughts and hugs to Nerida and all his family  

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