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  1. Plenty and Donohue Highways

    Thanks Chris for a great report. All going well we plan to do a the same trip to Alice Springs next year. I shall probably read your reports several times before then. Sandra
  2. Plenty and Donohue Highways

    Look forward to reading your report on these two "highways". Clive
  3. We are on our way, late start this morning stopping at Kandanga. See you tomorrow ???

  4. New member

    Welcome to the forum and to the Kedron Family. We too upgraded from an Aussie Swag camper trailer to a Kedron van, that was in 2002. Now on our second Keddy. Hope to see you on the road one day. Sandra and Clive
  5. Get 'F'

    I'm a rare type of person, Clive has been telling me that for years.???
  6. Newbies too

    Hello Garry and Myret, Welcome to the wonderful life of caravanning. I'm sure you will enjoy your Kedron van. Why not join us at the gathering in August at Lake Redbrook, Childers. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
  7. Service

    Hello Gary, Totally agree with you. We have owned two Kedron vans over the past fifteen years and always found the staff very helpful and like you charges have been kept to a minimum. I remember David saying "Oh that's warranty work" on something we asked him to fix on our previous van, it was ten years old at the time. That's what I call good after sales service. Clive
  8. Welcome to the group. Love your new van. Hope you have some great times travelling this beautiful country of ours. cheers Clive and Sandra
  9. Barambah Bush Caravan Park

    Sounds good, maybe when the weather cools a little we could have a gathering there.
  10. Hello Flo,

    I've  just finished another David Walliams book, The Midnight Gang. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it has some strong messages for kids.

    When I gave my grandson Tom the book I was reading at the Kedron Christmas Gathering, Grandpa Greatest Escape, he smiled with joy and told me that he knew about David Walliams from school and was excited to receive the book.

    The other day when I told him I had another book for him he was thrilled and went and got Grandpa's Greatest Escape for Nan to read. He then started to read it again and didn't want to give it back. A great kids author.


  11. Hello Peter, A great idea, so here is our contribution: State:Queensland City/town: Hervey Bay Business/contact name: Craigs On Site Caravan Repairs, Craig Peterson Address:. Mobile Ph: 0499 975 134 Web site: No. email address: craigscaravanrepairs@gmail.com Type of work:. All general caravan maintenance and repairs Comments:. Many years experience in the caravan industry. A few years ago he decided to venture out creating his own mobile business. We have used Craig a few times, ie to fix awning, drop down legs. Neighbors have also used him to repair leak in the shower. We have all been happy with his workmanship and charges. Cheers, Clive and Sandra
  12. Comfortable Chairs in an ATV2

    At long last we now have comfortable lounge chairs in our van. We have talked about it for quite awhile, see previous posts. Hope there won't be the complaints about how "uncomfortable this lounge is".
  13. Newbie

    Hello and welcome KOG forum Have you checked the CAMEC website, they have the clocks listed in their catalogue for $25.95. You can purchase on line. Hope this is some help to you. Cheers
  14. Kedron warrenty details ??

    Hello Pepper and welcome to the forum, We have owned two pre loved Kedron vans, one bought from them and the other a private sale. We have never had a problem with Kedron, they are a very fair company to deal with. The old pop top was ten years old and they did a couple of jobs FOC because as they said, that is warranty work. cheers
  15. Caravan Auxiliary Equipment Requirements

    Welcome to our group. By October caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast should have plenty of vacancies (at present they are fully booked out for the next couple of weeks). I agree with the others to spend a week with in easy reach of Kedron, just in case there maybe, although I doubt it, a couple of teething problems. Showgrounds are always a good place to stay as there is always plenty of room to manouver, some parks have very small sites. make sure you have Wiki camps and fuel map installed on phone/tablet/iPad, both very good tools when travelling. We like the fuel map as they tell you where in towns the fuel depots are and what price the fuel is, subject the the correct price being put on at the time. Happy travels and enjoy the experience, Clive and Sandra