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AGM - Kedron Owners Group Inc.


Attention all financial members,

I wish to inform you that the Kedron Owners Group AGM will be held 9:00am Sunday 24th January 2021 at Rod & Jewel’s Australia Day Gathering 100 Kilkivan Tansey Rd, Kilkivan. Qld.

Your committee felt that this would be an appropriate time to hold this meeting due to the fact we had to cancel the proposed November AGM due to COVID.

The positions of President, Vice President & Secretary/Treasurer are open for nominations. Your current president is definitely stepping down this year.

PLEASE do consider standing for one of these positions, it is extremely rewarding and takes a VERY minimal amount of time & effort to carry out. 

Rob & Jewel’s have been very gracious in allowing us to have this short meeting during this gathering. 

For those members who weren’t aware of this gathering can I suggest you checkout the Trips & Gatherings page, there are already 20 plus vans attending, it would be great to see you there.

Regards & travel safe 

Tony Heat

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