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  1. My preferred payment method is by direct deposit, please include your membership number in the deposit advice Many thanks Mike
  2. From Jacky Jacky in 2012 You may find this of interest. This is from the Thetford Australia website in Maintenance Tips section: "Maintenance tips for your toilet The waste tank seal, the automatic pressure release vent seal and the cap seal must be cleaned regularly. When the toilet is being used frequently, monthly cleaning is generally sufficient. We advise cleaning the seals and valve blade with Thetford Bathroom Cleaner. Note! Never use household cleaners (Solvents or other powerful cleaning agents). These may cause permanent damage to the seals and other toilet components. For cleaning your toilet: Squirt Thetford Bathroom Cleaner into the toilet bowl. Flush the bowl with water and wipe down the rest of the toilet with a damp cloth. Tip! For a really shining toilet, dry it with a soft dry cloth after cleaning. Thoroughly clean the seals and valve blade, using Thetford Seal Lubricant and wipe them over with a cloth or a piece of toilet paper. Repeat the above operation if the seal and blade are dirty or if opening and closing the blade is difficult. Note! Never use Vaseline or any vegetable oil. These may cause leakage. When the toilet is not being used for a long period, it is advisable to clean the seals and then coat them lightly with Thetford Seal Lubricant. This will ensure that they remain in good condition (supple). N.B. The valve blade seal is a part of the toilet that is subject to wear. Depending on the extent and manner of maintenance, after a certain period the seal will lose quality and must be replaced. Back to top." We use Olive oil to lubricate the rubber around the blade seal and have done so without any problems. Giving the cassette a good soak, as suggested in previous posts, empty and let dry out also helps reduce any odour and 'plaque' build up.
  3. Alex I couldn't tie you down as I had your user name as Alex not big axe, I have updated your user name and your status to Associate member as you are yet to take delivery, please let me know when the happy day arrives and I will update you to Ordinary member
  4. Hi John & Lisa Welcome to the KOG membership and great to see your input on the forum. Your van looks great and am sure you will get years of enjoyment and satisfaction from your investment. Look forward to catching up at a meeting or on the road Mike
  5. I have received acknowledgment from the RFDS of our donation to them in accord with the terms of our constitution; " funds in excess of $6,000 at the end of the financial year ". I attach a scanned copy of our cheque and donation form together with their response dated 10 March received 4 days ago. Cheers to all and travel safe Mike RFDS Thank You - April 2017.pdf RFDS Cheque n Donation Form 24 Feb 17.pdf
  6. I would go for the newer ATV, Do you want to email me a copy of the floor plan, kedronownersgroup@gmail.com Cheers Mike Carter
  7. Sounds like a good idea, maybe we could have the AGM gathering there in October
  8. Hi One & All Robin and I use the road down the middle from Emerald to all points South to avoid the highway traffic and have often passed through Murgon without stopping. I would appear that we now have a reason to do so. Neither KOG or I have any affiliation to or connection with the following. I have been to their website and it will be in my next trip planner. I would appreciate any feedback from members who have already stayed there or when they do so. Good Morning Rick and Barb would like to introduce ourselves to the Caravan Clubs of Queensland as the New Owners of Barambah Bush Caravan Park in the South Burnett Region. We would love to meet you and we are offering a special deal for February 2017 where you stay for 4 nights and only pay for 3 nights. We have Powered Caravan and Camping Sites($29.00 per night), Unpowered Caravan and Camping Sites($24.00 per night), Drive Through Powered Sites($29.00 per night) and can cater for Big Rigs. You can even “circle the wagons” and enjoy a Campfire or cook up a storm on our free Gas BBQ’s. Our amenities are spacious and spotless and our Camp Kitchen is well equipped. Our Park is set on 40 acres of Parkland and 160 acres of Bushland, where you can explore the abundance of wildlife or just relax in our peaceful setting. We are on the Barambah Wine Trail, where you can experience the outstanding wines of the South Burnett from five of our local Wineries, and we are only 6kms from Bjelke Petersen Dam if you would like to have a fish or just enjoy the water. For further information please feel free to call us or visit our Website: www.barambahbush.com.au Rick and Barb Parke Barambah Bush Caravan Park 332 Borcherts Hill Road Murgon QLD 4605 E: barambahbush@burnett.net.au Phone: 07 4168 1085
  9. Welcome home, I'm sure all went well after all it is a Kedron. Have you logged into the KOG website yet ? If not then login using the mail address used on your application and select your password. Safe travels Mike
  10. Kym My line drawings are attached, all details are in the preinstall pics in the file Eclipse - Rear Storage Box Feb 2016.pdf Cost installed including GST was $3,520 Let me know if I can be of further help Mike Eclipse Rear Lockers plans - Dec 2015.docx
  11. Great idea I had reason to use Chris and excellent outcome, a genuine Mr Niceguy. State: Queensland City / Town: Mackay Pacific RV Caravan Repairs - Chris: Business \ Contact name Address: Rear of 42 Main St, Bakers Creek 4740, Southern Outskirts of Mackay Phone : 07 4998 5367Chris: 0407 137 583Email: cepacificrv@telstra.com http://www.pacificrvcaravanrepairs.com/contact.html
  12. I added an aluminium checker plate to the rear of my XC3 earlier this year. A great addition for storage of snatch strap, trolley jack, camp ovens, firewood etc. We used the existing rear bar mounting, extended the shs and inserted a tight fit smaller shs which went right through the existing and extension. Not only did I get great storage but took 85 kg off my ball weight. Photos of the box before & after fitting are below We clocked up some 11,500 km earlier this year including some really rugged roads through the Gawler Ranges to & from Mt Ive station and Lake Gairdner without any worries at all, Have checked all mountings and supports and still as fitted. Only problem was condensation when in the deserts mainly. Really only two options insulate or vent. After much research I opted for venting as in the pdf file attached. Problem now solved and looking forward to our next getaway early January. Cheers Mike Locker Venting.pdf Eclipse - Rear Storage Box Feb 2016.pdf Eclipse Rear Storage Lockers.pdf
  13. Welcome to you both. I have just picked up the reins of secretary \ treasurer; if I can help in anyway please feel free to email me at kedronownersgroup@gmail.com I look forward to meeting up with you Cheers Mike Carter
  14. sounds like someone after my own heart
  15. Well done, one of many unknown heros
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