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  1. Hi John, We are currently on our third Kedron and have been to all of the places you wish to visit in confidence, safety and without any real problems. I agree with Merv that one of the key differentials between Kedron and other vans is the quality of the after sales service, it's just like we all are part of the Gall family. You can't go wrong with a Kedron. Happy Caravanning Brian
  2. Hi Goodys, Just logged on after a short absence. Our control unit has 3 separate monitors. The drinking water is at the rear of the van. When we fill the tanks we can direct water to any tank through individual in-line taps located under the fridge then when we want to pump water from the front two tanks we have separate taps under the sink which share the same pump. The system was put together by the great guys at Kedron. I note I mentioned toilet in my earlier post but it has its own water supply and isn't part of the system. Brian
  3. Hi Goody's, Our van is set up with 3x100 litre tanks with separate inputs for each tank and then each tank is individually monitored. One tank is for drinking water and the other two are for showers/wash up/toilet/hot water. The water tank has a stand alone pump and the other two go through a separate pump. Each tank has a separate input and output valve to control the flow of water when they are being filled and when we are drawing water from them so we always know with a reasonable degree of accuracy the situation with all the tanks. No doubt the boys in Ashley's service department can give you the right advice on this and if you are in the area they can easily carry out any modification you require. You will find them to be very helpful.
  4. The "scalies" as we call them have been working the Qld roads for a number of years. We have been pulled over twice towing a 20ft ATV2 with our 100 series. The first time was at Cunnamulla where they got us on the way in and then tried to put us back over the scales two days later on the way out. The second time we were pulled up was in Kilcoy where they also had a few trucks pulled over. On both occasions we didn't have any problems. I am only too happy to have these guys pull over every van on the road to weed out the few that overload their units as it can only make it a safer place for not only fellow vanners but also the mums and dads with young families in their family car. I'm all for a separate licence for towing a caravan which should include a segment on weights and the behaviour of vans that have the load poorly distributed.As we all know this can easily lead to erratic behaviour of the van under different conditions. I ALWAYS put our rig over a public weighbridge before a big trip so I have a good idea of the weight of the van and the tow vehicle. It makes for peace of mind and safe travels. Beejay41
  5. We have just returned from 10 months on the road and now have the job of cleaning up the van and doing a few repairs. Thanks to everyone for their comments I will head down to Supercheap/Autobarn in the next couple of days Brian
  6. Rob, I am interested to learn how you go. After the last 9 months on the road with many rough and dusty tracks a few of our "brown" blinds are the same and I was contemplating new screen wire but a silicon fix has more appeal. Brian
  7. G'day Merv, We have been on the road for the last 9 months and have ended up with most windows scratched. What is the "purple polish" you mention. We have been told to try Jiff. Brian
  8. Hi Neville, Thanks for that. It brings both options back onto an even keel. When I discussed lithium with Kedron they were still working out their numbers but said the incremental cost of lithium above AGM would be in the vicinity of $2,000. This was for the enerdrive system which includes a new charger, battery monitor and I think a controller but you should contact David and get the correct information. If AGM v’s Lithium are level pegging when I do my research then I will probably still favour Lithium. I spoke to a guy I met on this trip who has had 600ah lithium installed for 6 years. He got his battery from China, apparently it is a model used by the Chinese military. He hadn't experienced any problems and couldn't speak highly enough about lithium batteries. Another example is Russ who has reported their performance after 2 years and all’s good. The problem that I will face is understanding all the technical jargon as in the articles I have read it seems that a lot of people have different information which sometimes is in conflict. This is where there is benefit for non-technical people in going with a complete system such as that being marketed by enerdrive but it certainly comes at a cost. This is just another variable in the analysis. If you are interested in chasing up more information on Lithium then check out the following link on caravaners forum : http://caravanersforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=55972&start=60 These challenges are all a part of this great off-road caravan world we enjoy.
  9. This topic must eventually be of interest to all Kedron owners as batteries are critical to those of us that love the outback. It's a real pity if the forum loses someone with Russ' experience so if it is the last we have heard I wish he and Sue all the best. I sometimes have problems with the technical details but I have no problem with understanding financial comparisons. One key point to remember with any financial comparison is that they should be looked at over comparative lifetimes. If one option has a lifecycle of 4yrs and the other a lifecycle of at least 15yrs then this must be a consideration in the comparison. If as claimed by Russ the owners dispose of their van prior to the expiration of the lifecycle of the item being considered then that also can be a consideration bearing in mind that it is also an improvement of that van over others fitted with AGM that might attract a price premium when selling the van.. It is stated in the thread that the replacement cost of 120ah AGM is $600. The life will average somewhere 4yrs. Over an equivalent life of 15yrs they will be replaced 4 times. If the van has two batteries that will be a total cost of $4,800. Our van has 3 batteries so the cost will be $7,200. There is conflicting claims in the thread about a lithium system. The Enerdrive system needs replacement charger and controller whereas Fusion claim they have a management system built into the battery that nullifies the requirement to replace these items. If Fusion is correct and 200ah can be purchased for $2,800 then the outcome is a no brainer as the lithium comes with other benefits over the AGM. Lithium DoD on 200ah will be 180ah whereas AGM on 200ah will be only 100ah, an extra 80ah, In addition lithium has a very favourable weight differential as well as size differential. Our batteries are now in their 5th year but they are well on their way out so I will be faced with the task of chasing up information and doing my research when we get home. Good luck to everyone else who is in a similar position.
  10. Our cap has also split in a number of places, in fact it seems that it is just breaking down. I believe it is a problem with the quality of material used in manufacture. Many of the Camec products fitted in our van that are exposed to sunlight have deteriorated. It appears that they haven’t been manufactured to cope with the UV level in OZ. We have been on the road since the end of Feb so I was forced to carry out repairs with a new product called "Rapid Fix" which comprises a powder and a liquid like super glue but when mixed with the powder they claim it is similar to welding the plastic. So far so good. It isn’t a problem with overtightening. The price quoted by Camec is in line with all their prices - way over the top. I will be looking for a replacement cap when we return home in Dec so it would be good to learn where a suitable cap can be purchased at a reasonable price. Perhaps overseas sources may be an answer as they have a lot of diesel heaters in their vehicles in USA and Europe.
  11. Hi 32 Kev, After much deliberation we have decided to change our itinerary and will now not be hitting SA until sometime around September so I imagine this will make a difference to fishing scene but we will still spend about 6 weeks there including a lot of fishing. I do have a GPS but on this trip we won't be taking the tinnie but will still be interested in how you go as we will probably get back down there in the earlier part of the year at some future date. We can always be contacted on our email at briandawnroberts@bigpond.com Good luck with your trip and fishing adventures and safe travels Brian
  12. Hi 32KEV, Trust you enjoy tight lines right through to your departure date in February. We plan to be in that vicinity March/April chasing the same species so if you can pass on experiences it could help us as our research to date hasn't been all that beneficial and there's nothing like getting good first hand feedback. Have a great trip and enjoy the fishing in NT Regards, Brian
  13. Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. Ashley is good value and knows his way around all the vans, it's good to see the Gall Bros taking on family members of employees in new positions, pretty hard to go wrong with those decisions. They have always known what they are doing with their business especially when it comes to looking after customers. I am confident that all Kedron owners will continue to enjoy the high quality of service that we are used to so I look forward to talking to Loryn/Ashley in the early new year. Regards, Brian
  14. Hi Lea & Rick, Aussie House Sitters turned out to be a good option. We placed an ad and were inundated with responses, I had to close down the thread after 1/2 day then sort through them all, respond to everyone, organise interviews with those we shortlisted then make our final selection. All that we need to do now is get everything ready for our trip which isn't such a bad task. First on the list is a phone call to Tom and organise a detailed service. Many thanks for your input. Brian
  15. Hi John & Jo, I only wish we could enjoy the same arrangements as it sounds like the ideal set up. Good luck to you both and enjoy your travels. Brian
  16. Hi Clive & Sandra, thanks for the input. Like yourselves we have had many good experiences and only the one bad experience when the house sitter allowed their dogs into our lounge room and they urinated on the carpet. Insurance is a big issue, our policy must be similar to yours as we also have a 60 day clause when the insurance company passes all the risk back to the insured. IMHO this is totally unfair when we have had a policy with the same company for eons without a claim. It seems the task of safeguarding our important assets is a bugbear when we want independence and at the same time want to hit the road for extended periods and enjoy ourselves. Brian
  17. Thanks for the advice. We have briefly perused the site you mentioned but will now have a closer look. It is good to hear from people who have been involved in house sitting, we appreciate your input Brian
  18. Hi Grahame & Wendy we are located in the best spot in Oz at Bribie Island. We hope to take to the road towards the end on March next year. Brian
  19. We are planning another trip around Oz next year and will be away for about 8 months and in the past we have always arranged a house sitter, usually someone who comes recommended by a close friend or a close relative and even then we have had one bad experience. We just wonder how everyone else manages to look after their vacant house while on the road. If house sitters have been arranged how did you go about it and what was your experience ? We would appreciate any comments and advice. Brian
  20. Beejay


    We are planning another trip around Oz next year and will be away for about 8 months and in the past we have always arranged a house sitter, usually someone who comes recommended by a close friend or a close relative and even then we have had one bad experience. We just wonder how everyone else manages to look after their vacant house while on the road. If house sitters have been arranged how did you go about it and what was your experience ? We would appreciate any comments and advice. Brian
  21. Thanks for the input from fellow Kedron owners. At least we now know that it isn't an isolated problem. The last time Kedron removed the windows and replaced the silicone they also removed the seals as they believed this may have been the cause of the problem but obviously they were wrong. I'm not sure about trimming the silicone as a remedy but will have a look and see what happens. I consider the only reliable solution is to change over to a different silicone but grey won't look much good on a white van, perhaps a clear silicone may be teh answer. I will have another talk to Kedron and see what they suggest. Once again thanks for your comments
  22. Hi to all happy Kedron Caravanners, we have a small problem with the silicone used as a sealant on our windows. This is our third Kedron van and it is the first time we have experienced this problem. Our van is an ATV2 and is only just over 12 months old.The van is fitted with the european type windows now used in all Kedron caravnas. The problem that we have is that the silicone has turned brown and looks terrible. Kedron has already pulled the windows out twice and cleaned them up and replaced the silicone only to see the problem return after a period of time but on each occasion it is a little better than the previous time. Has anyonoe else experienced the same problem or is it an anomaly that is restricted to our van ??????? We look forward to hearing comments from all happy Kedron customers. Brian
  23. I don't access this site very often and it was interesting to see that the old chestnut of weights is still being tossed around. After reading back through all the threads again it seems like confusion still reigns supreme and this doesn't surprise me as it is a COMPLEXXXXXXX topic. My suggestion to all those interested in this topic is that in light of the differences in the views expressed by various contributors that everyone should do their own research and for those trevelling interstate be sure you are aware of the legal requirements in the states in which you are travelling as some of the threads suggest the laws are different between NSW and Qld so other states may also be different and it would be catastophic if a Kedron caravanner was compliant in their home state but had an accident in another state that has different laws of which they might be unaware although I might add that I believe the laws are probably consistent across all states but if in doubt then get it in writing from the person who has provided the advice. I have written copies of all the relevant advice I have been given on this topic. Not sure if this will be of any help in the case of an accident but it is better than "I said he said" when it comes to negotiating with the insurer. In respect to tow ball weights and tow vehicle GVM when I discussed this with Qld transport they explained the reason for the inclusion on the ball weight in the GVM of the tow vehicle related to the actual conditions under which the caravan is towed. They referred to whether the tow vehicle is on the flat, towing uphill or towing down hill. When towing downhill there is additional thrust from the caravan upon the towball which under the regulations is added to the tow vehicles towball weight and as a consequence this is then part of the tow vehicles GVM. I only say do your own research. In respect to Lovells upgrade and ARB it is my understanding that both ARB and Lovells are accredited to carry out upgrades at least in Qld and I assume as they are national companies this would also apply to all states hence it isn't necessary to get independent engineering certification but once again check it out for yourself by contacting the respective authorities. Happy caravanning
  24. Hi Sue, We have been on the road for almost 5 months in a brand new van and are experiencing the same problems that you have outlined. Our van has a Zantrex charger, regulator and monitor so they should work well together. The problem you mention has happened to us when we have been on a powered site as well as when we have been free camping. I have synchronised the monitor a couple of times which brings it up to 100% but it reverts to a lower reading after a day or so. We are currently in Hervey Bay on power and the monitor hasn't shifted off 100% which is how it should operate. I will be asking Kedron to check out the system when we return in September.
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