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  1. Happy Birthday Mal mate. We hope you have a great day and find yourself a large nugget of the yellow stuff! Luv Rick & Lea
  2. G'day John & Jo We did not get one fitted in the end. But Tony H has one fitted and as he is a regular on the forum he will no doubt inform you of its success. Last time we spoke to him (about 4 months ago) he had not yet trialled in dusty conditions. Cheers Rick
  3. I also used Nomads Notes, but it was some years ago, and has probably been updated several times since then. At the time, I found it a bit "buggy", and I was helping the designer to "debug" it. After that I stopped using it and worked out methods that worked for me. The software is very good in concept, and provided that all the database linkages work correctly, it should be a good product. It can also be used to enforce some discipline in what sort of data you wish to store, and of course has the advantage of only entering data once, for use throughout the application. Cheers Lea
  4. RickA


    Hi David I don't know about the size of the 3300, but my guess is it wont fit in the standard genny boot. If you are about to have your van built ,I suggest you contact Kedron and see if they will build a boot fit it. I think you will find them very accommodating. But don`t wait to long. Cheers Rick
  5. G'day Merv Having exhausted every other method of keeping dust coming in through door vent, we have now gaffer taped an old towel (2 thicknesses)and now hope that it works. We have tried the A.C. filter, Fail! The full coverage with Gaffer tape, Bad fail! and hell to get off. Taping cardboard over it. Fail!,and plastic garbage bag. Fail! Good luck Cheers Rick
  6. Hello Chaps The piccies are of Kedrons fix for the problem, done about 4yrs ago. We have had NO problems since. Cheers Rick & Lea
  7. Hi Colin I wouldn`t hold your breath for that to happen. DHs! oops! I mean Polys of all stripes have been promising to seal the Great Central Rd. for about 30 yrs. Cheers Rick
  8. Our microwave died when the van was about 12 months and 1 day old. We pulled it out and had Kedron make a cupboard door to cover the hole. And 5 yrs. later we still don`t miss it. Cheers Rick & Lea
  9. I have used both Wicked and Purple Ally polish. Both do a great job. Cheers Rick
  10. RickA

    Smev Oven

    Hi Mal& Kerry We have the same oven as you. They are a heap of crap. The oven works(just) but we have problems with the top burners.2 work 2 don`t. The solution from Tom at Kedron was to give the top of them a couple of sharp raps with the handle of a screwdriver. That worked for a while but now is nogood Try that with the burner in your stove!!??. Tony and I both tried to get the tops of the burners with a Hex spanner but for some reason they are an odd size so no go there. If we had the where withal I would pull the whole thing out and dump it. I see Kedron don`t use them anymore. Lea wants to beat it to death! Cheers Rick & Lea
  11. Hi Bondi & Jenny We used to be in VKS a few yrs. back and found after awhile that they became too big and very political. So we joined with the HF club and found them a lot more social and friendly. Cheers Rick & Lea
  12. Hi Bondi & Jenny We have managed with just the 3 panels and batteries and we have been travelling full time for about 5.5yrs. in this van. Never had the need for an extra panel, but we do have a generator for backup. I use a CPAP machine every night and the usual consumption of fridge ,led lights and pumps etc. In my personal experience with Cooper tyres we found them totally useless under heavy loads, got about 33,000 ks. out of them and they were stuffed. I don`t think they build them for a lot weight bearing ability. We now use Goodyear Wrangler Silent armour (USA built)and are very happy with their performance. Like Tony ,we also use a Codan NGT HF radio and belong to the HF Club. Cheers Rick & Lea
  13. Great piccies Tolley.Who the hell gets up at dawn to take pictures of a sunrise?? LOL. According to Lea a group of Keddies is a Koggle!! Looks like you all are having a ball. Stay Safe. Cheers Rick & Lea
  14. G'day Bondi & Jenny Welcome to the KOG Forum. What ever design Keddy you buy it will be great. We have had our ATV2 for 5 yrs. now ,and the only things I would add is to have the Inverter hardwired to all the 240 outlets in the van. And a small cupboard under the café table over the wheel well. Cheers Rick &Lea
  15. Ouch! that's got to hurt. Hope you did not spill any wine dancing around on one foot. Get better soon mate .Catch up down the track. Cheers Rick & Lea
  16. Thankyou everyone for your kind comments. I am feeling a lot more positive now . Jacky Jacky, Lea said NEVER challenge worse.(Old Bill Cosby saying) Cheers Rick & Lea
  17. Thanks chaps I needed that Cheers Rick
  18. Up 'ere is Elands,NSW about 60Ks.West of Taree,up in the mountains. It is beautiful country but at the moment it is very cold and wet .(100mls in 24 hrs.)and still raining and blowing a gale. We are doing a property sit and have just under 3 weeks to go. The weather here has been very good up till Wed. But, it is nearly winter and we have a lovely fire and plenty of wood. Cheers Rick & Lea
  19. Have you ever had one of those months that you wish would hurry up and end?? May ,so far has consisted of the following. We had to do a quick drive up to Brissie and back(620 Ks.each way) because Lea`s Dad was seriously ill in Hospital. All of this she is going on in the middle of a house move for them. Next,lost a friend through suicide.Lea`s Dad now has to go into high care. And now Lea has gone AOT and broken her ankle. Roll on June. Cheers Rick PS sorry to unload on you all.
  20. If the weather up there is anything like we are copping at the moment, you will all need flippers and snorkels. And small lids for the wine glasses so that it does not get watered down. But above all SAFE TRAVELS and enjoy. Cheers Rick & Lea
  21. Well chaps and chapesses,we hope you all have a wonderful and safe trip. We did the GCR about 3yrs. ago West to East by ourselves and had great time.Will be thinking of you all . Cheers Rick & Lea
  22. RickA

    Van Polish

    Hi Mal Thanks for the quick reply. I asked Armor All the same question and this is their reply. Hi Rick, Thank you for contacting us via the Armor All website. We do not recommend using Armor All Wax and Polish products on surfaces that don't have a clear coat. I am not sure whether the powder coat finish of your caravan has a clear coat or not. If it does have a clear coat, please test the product on an inconspicuous area before use. After application, wait and check to ensure you are happy with the result before using on a larger area. Armor All products are extensively tested on automotive surfaces before launch, however, we have not completed testing on any caravan surfaces. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. Regards, Amanda Shaw Brand Manager Ph: 61 2 8895 2203 Mobile: 0401 987 012 Email: amanda.shaw@armoredautogroup.com My question is ,do we have a clear coat on the walls of van?? Cheers Rick
  23. RickA

    Van Polish

    What do you use to polish the powder coated panelling on your vans ,if anything? Cheers Rick & Lea
  24. Yes, lost me too with the hinges on drawers. I thought that is a new concept for Kedron. As for the Thetford Dunnys,they are a heap of crap(no pun intended) We are on our 3rd.in 5yrs. and are continually having to replace parts.We have dealt with a chap called James Buckland at Thetford, and he is very helpful. Cheers Rick
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