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  1. Ours started doing the same thing a couple of days ago.. We had the thermostat replaced this afternoon. Seems to be ok so far ...
  2. Sorry no info .. but am interested in any answers that people have as well.
  3. We were advised that 1kg over 3500 and you need inspection. Advice from motor registry I'm Beenleigh.
  4. It seems someone has tried to send me a message via the Private Messenger system, I received an email alert on this.

    I have no other way to advise that I am unable to use this system. I realise this is not the appropriate place to put this, but have no other option..

    When I try to retrieve the PM I only get this message.

    [#10226] You are not allowed to use ...

  5. I am not keen on rolling out of bed or having the fridge door swing shut or wide open and bang on the protruding section of wall just behind it in out van, so we do use ramps ... If needed. We either back on or drive on depending on the situation. As the one between the wheels is a wee bit long, years ago we trimmed the front off it (back a couple of inches). I cant recall what brand ours are, but they are really solid and not the 'stepped' ones that I think are the Fiamma brand. They are still yellow and are just shaped like a wedge. They came with small matching chocks that interlock with
  6. I am interested to hear any responses to this as well. Shame, we left Farm Beach on the 14th. Could have said hello!
  7. We have a 200, with trade height Black Widow draws and a 40l engel. We have no trouble opening the lid of the fridge at all, with the drop down Platinum fridge slide.
  8. Our van is 2003 XC - Has been my experience that things are set up a lot differently in a lot of vans though. Hope this is of some value to you.
  9. No the light does not go out.. it does not turn off. Learned this years ago. No sweat though.. not hard to open the cupboard and remove the plug.
  10. Because when we turn the thermostat right to the bottom it does not turn our fridge off.... Our Vitro is nearly 9 years old.. maybe the new ones are different...
  11. We pull the 12v plug that is located under the fridge in the cupboard where our hot water system is located along with the water pump.
  12. I have used / do use Wordpress. I have never had a problem .. each blog has an allowance of about 3gb free space and you can have as many blogs as you desire. www.wordpress.com Cheers Jody
  13. Thanks John. I will explore this option more.
  14. Hi Leno and Denise I read with interest your comment below. Can you tell me a little bit about what they showed you?
  15. The problem is that the iPhone does not have a port to put the piggy into.. there simply is not the ability to do it so I have been told twice by different retailers. Any yes Matt is brilliant. I have been getting connections sent to me for new phones since 2004. Never had any problems, always get exactly what I need.
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