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Our experience with NRMA ‘Premium Plus’ roadside assist.

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Yesterday we were travelling on the Western Fwy into Brisbane. Minding our own business, enjoying the drive towards the ‘factory’ we heard a noise from under the bonnet and an unusual smell through the dash vents. Moments later I lost the power assist from the steering and brakes.........luckily there was a verge on the roadside that we could make a hasty ‘safe’ stop.

Upon stopping, after opening the bonnet, I found that the A/C compressor had seized & thrown/destroyed the serpentine drive belt resulting in loss of steering & braking assist. 

Being a member of NRMA I rang them for assistance, they then connected me with RACQ who would (hopefully) offer me reciprocal service as we obviously weren’t in NSW.

RACQ were aware of my situation re vehicle (type/size) & caravan (total length & weight) after sending two different flat top tow trucks the later be larger than the first.....RACQ (bless them) said they couldn’t assist, yes they could tow the truck, but NOT the van and I wasn’t going to leave my van on the roadside. 

I then contacted NRMA again, rembering I had ‘Premium Plus’ roadside assist......possibly should have mentioned that to the NRMA operator in the first instance......but then my rego number/membership number should have brought that up for the operator to see. 

Loooooong story short with with NRMA Premium Plus cover.....in no time there was a ‘Super Tilt’ low loader (see photo) there to take/tow me to Lawnton Showground.

After a quiet beverage or two and another phone call to NRMA, I found that out that having Premium Plus cover entitled me to a second tow for the truck (to the repairer in Gympie) and the hire of a 200 series (which is all but NEW) to tow my van home.

This is a long winded post but, if you have a tow vehicle and van that EXCEEDS your states motoring organisation limits consider NRMA Premium Plus cover.

Usual disclaimer.......NO affiliation with NRMA other than being a happy customer.





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Hi Tony and Annie


Greetings from Kenilworth.  Very lucky you weren’t out in the middle of nowhere.


A good result though.


Cheers from Pete

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A very useful post.  Thanks Tony.

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Will we see you at Kilkivan?

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Glad to hear it got sorted out.

We have RACQ ultimate cover and when in WA we were told they would not tow our van. I explained we had ultimate cover and the WA RAC man said “ don’t care who you are with”.

After a further call to RACQ., the ultimate team were fantastic in organising for the van to be towed.

Pays to know what you are covered for!!

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