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  1. Just got a quote from Dometic for the window upgrade kit. $90 all up for all 8 windows of various sizes. A pleasant surprise. Somebody told me they were very expensive?? The kits inc. the caterpillars and the stick on strips to block the slits.
  2. Stop it!Stop it! Ya doin my bleedin head in Seriously though ,we weighed our van in WA in 2010 and it came in at 3.7 tonnes fully loaded. That was heart attack time.The ball weight was 425 Ks.so back to the drawing board. We have got rid of everything that we do not use within 3 months and slid the rear bumper out about 8 inches and fitted a Polly pipe for tent polls and awning arms etc.Back to the weighbridge just out of Richmond NSW. Weight 3.62 Tonnes and ball weight 400ks.The only solution we came up with is to travel with both front tanks empty unless going bush.
  3. Thanks Chris I thought it was you and Val that had done your windows,but I could not find any directions on the Keddy site.They will be a great help.We won`t worry about the Chrome strips at this stage, as we have already filled the gaps sometime ago with filler. If I get stuck you can come up and help
  4. Hi Gang Some time ago the topic of adding the furry strips to the sides of the Dometic windows was introduced.When we arrive back in Qld. I would like to attempt to do this job myself.I have just replaced the rear blind without to much trouble,so now I know how to take them apart and put them back together.(Blinds)Any help on this subject would be appreciated.
  5. G`day Colin. That sounds like a great trip. We have done all of those roads either in the current van or the first Keddy. You will love it.BUT take your time and drive to the conditions.If you can get someone to travel with you, even if it is just on the more remote tracks all the better. Above all, have a ball.
  6. Great news Chris,we hope you enjoy your new position. Remember ,look after your men and they will look after you. Oh hang on ,that was some other service. Ah.stuff it have a great time. And don`t forget that a second job you have to pay double tax!!!
  7. And are you going to share it with us Chris??
  8. Hi Gang I have been using Purple Polish on both Kedies over about 5 yrs.now, and I am very happy with the result.After washing the van with truck wash I dry it off and Polish the Cheqer.checker, cheqke ,, shiny stuff .about every 6 months.You rub it on with a soft cloth in small sections then rub it off roughly then polish it off with a clean cloth.It is easier if you do a panel at a time.For some reason? it does not work on the shower floor. Cheers and a Merry Xmas and a Great New year and SAFE travels to every body. Rick & Lea
  9. It sounds like this bloke sells caravans for a living??? And as for the RVMAA they are as useless as breasts on a male bovine as far as the "Customer" is concerned. Cheers Rick
  10. G`Day Arthur I suggest you ring Kedron 0738813383 and ask for Tom or Ashley they should be able to point you in the right direction. :unsure:If not try Camec. Cheers Rick
  11. Steve & Kez. A MUST take for you guys ,an umbrella and rain coats. And a must see in Tassie is The Wall in Derwent Bridge. Cheers Rick & Lea
  12. G`Day Mal & Kerry Congrats. on your new freedom.We hope you have many happy and safe travels.See you down the track somewhere. Cheers Rick & Lea
  13. G`Day Gary & Kay We also have the Silent Armour all round and run them on 40psi except for the tug rears which I run @ 42psi.The pressures you were given are way to high and that is why you have centre wear. We have just replaced the tug tyres after 60,000 ks. Once again with G.Y. Silent Armour.When you get new ones,make sure you get the USA made tyres and not the Indo.made crap. We are currently in Wagga.Last time we were here about 2 1/2 years ago you could step over the river,now it is flowing fast and full. Cheers Rick Lea
  14. Hi Sue How would a swivel toilet stand up on rough roads? And how does the swivel system work? Cheers Rick
  15. RickA


    G`day David We have a Dometic Diesel heater in our van which "now" works very well. But if we had a choice we would go for a different brand,anything other than Dometic. Cheers Rick
  16. Good point Chris.We had forgotten about the window part in our post. Cheers
  17. We travel full time and have the combined toilet and shower.The only thing I would change would be to get rid of that useless drop down sink. Used it once when we first got the van and it took forever to empty.Have not used it since and SWMBO says it drops down on very rough roads by itself. Cheers Rick & Lea
  18. Hi Gang Just fitted our skirt out of curiosity, and it is fine. Made out of silver tarp and rubber bottom.Made by Aussie traveller. Cheers Rick
  19. Hi Rod & Mavis I hope you have remembered to get all the names of the wild flowers for me,so I can finish my 2yr. old picture gallery.LOL I have about 40 or so photos ,but that was only a small percentage apparently. Cheers Rick & Lea
  20. Hi John (BB) As mentioned earlier I have had Airbag man(blue) bags about 4yrs.,also have 2inch lift.But they just fitted longer bags(no spacers)so unless it is something new,you could have been given a bum steer. Cheers Rick
  21. G`Day Kaye & Lance It was a small grinding of metal off the edges where it drops down onto the pin. when it stops raining (Steve & Kez where are you? ) I will take a couple of piccies to show you. Cheers Rick
  22. Hi Dunmowin We have both OME suspension and airbags (Airbag man).They have been on the tug for about 4yrs.now and work well together. I blow the airbags up to 28 Lbs. when towing, and 10 when not.Still have a bit of weight in the back of the Cruiser ,fridge drawer system etc.Hope that helps. Cheers Rick PS get your springs checked first,you may not have to replace them.
  23. Hi Gang Have had the small mod. done on the McHitch and now works like a charm ,from all angles and slopes.Joe was very helpful and the whole process took about 20 mins.And he gave us a gift of a locking pin for the hitch. Cheers Rick & Lea
  24. G`Day Rod & Mavis It sounds like you need a big hug.Consider it done We are currently in Lithgow and it is cold and wet.We are moving up to Newnes camp ground in the Wollemi National Park tomorrow for a few days before we do our next sit in Kurmond.Hopefully it will start warming up by then.Enjoy the wild flowers,if you get a chance Coalseam National park is a great campspot to see the flowers.When you take photos of the flowers ,you have to name them.That way I can get them from you and name some of the dozens I took when we were there LOL. Cheers Rick & Lea
  25. Hi Eric & Jody Having spent 12 months in the south-west corner of WA.recently,we found in a lot of cases, in the so called tourist industry, that is normal behaviour,especially once they know you are from the Eastern states.But "scewem' have a great time anyway Cheers Rick & Lea
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