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  1. John and Jo

    WA Wildflowers

    Just missed you . Spent the last two nights at Coalseam and drove through Mingenew this morning.The wildflowers are prolific this year . I did see a Kedron camped at the Breakaway site last night when I was on the phone ( only can get reception there) went back this morning but they were gone . WA private plates . John
  2. John and Jo

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Any news on this ?
  3. John and Jo

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Thanks Merv , whilst I am happy with that , makes me wonder though, if it’s deemed not to be safe As of June 1, why is our upgrade ok ? You would think that it would have to be for all vehicles if it’s not safe .Doesnt make sense to me . I am very happy with the upgrades.
  4. John and Jo

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Been trying to decipher the discussions on the other forums. What about the second stage 4 tonne tow upgrade which we have , is this also as well as the GVM upgrade still legal ? Prior June 1 ?
  5. John and Jo

    Club 4x4 Insurance

    Thanks Tony I will check it all out . You are right plus I have had a claim with KT, no problems at all . Dont really want to leave them . Apologies to Di and Andy for hacking your thread . Hope that you get things sorted out soon. John
  6. John and Jo

    Club 4x4 Insurance

    Hi all Ken Tame ? Have been insured with them for some time now but received the renewal notice this week and thought I Better compare prices . RACWA and Apia are both $600 cheaper!! Seems like Ken is going to miss out .
  7. John and Jo

    Awning problem solved

    Had a disaster yesterday. We are in Bremer Bay WA setting up the awning then crash. The cast iron bracket holding the roll on to the arm/leg snapped off . Upon inspection it no wonder as the bracket isn’t that thick . The best part is that I got a local fix it all man to fabricate a stainless steel bracket. Now it’s probably stronger than the original and he was able to make and install it within 5 hours .Total cost $100 .00 The awning is an Aussie Traveler Sunbust Eclipse if you have one may pay to keep an eye on this bracket. It’s the front or left one, top bracket which fits over the leg /arm and is attached with a roller pin . John
  8. John and Jo

    GVM and tow upgrades

    It’s maybe a good question if your attachment point on your vehicle are small then you may need to fit a set of hammer locks first then rated shackles. Our 200 series have rather large holes and I am using 3.2 t shackles. I believe that I need 4 t ones but hey enough is enough I recon.
  9. John and Jo

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

    Thanks Tony that was funny but somewhere near the way things are heading. We would like to wish you and other Kedron owners a belated Merry Christmas and may we all have a great year ahead of us with many days spent in our wonderful caravans . This year we tried to concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas. We had a great Time at Church/dinner with all our children and grandkids/dinner with the brother and a family bbq at the beach . Need to diet now . Just as well the cricket is on, time to relax in front of the box . Greetings John and Jo
  10. John and Jo

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Guess what . Finally got the ATM upgrade completed and approved this morning. Ended up purchasing the Bartlet system from Transparts in Qld . Mate ex body builder (trucks) did the weld for me . I am relieved it’s all over .Upgrade ATM to 3990 although we will always be lighter than this at least we are always legal . Thanks people for the advice and have great Christmas and a safe 2018
  11. John and Jo

    E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    Hi Paul and Belinda , we like Chris also had TI Lithium install our system. 600 amp with 580 w existing solar . Terry told us that while he installs a lot of 400amp systems he has had people coming back saying they wish they had another 200 so we bit the bullet and are very happy with the set up and happy with lots of power . Ok the cost was high but now long forgotten and have had great after sales service from Terry he knows his stuff . One thing we still need to buy is a portable solar panel . As Chris said these batteries can be drawn down to 15 percent causing no damage but you do need a good charging system including a dc to dc charger . As far as pricing goes every system will be different according to size, what you currently have and how much labor to install. John
  12. John and Jo


    You are right Merv we stayed overnight some years ago it was terrific.Something we will never forget including meeting the owner of the operation who had been out remote fishing with his helicopter which he landed on a barge behind the houseboat.
  13. John and Jo

    Red Foot

    Has anyone installed the automatic RED FOOT levelling systems to your caravan? Recently bent the two rear stabilisers so need replacing , I know my mistake !! Maybe I'm lazy but levelling from inside does seem appealing. But ?
  14. John and Jo

    Used vans

    Sorry I now understand what you are asking . Maybe talk to David or Glen,they may be able to come up with something for you . The new TE5 look good hey John
  15. John and Jo

    Used vans

    Hi Danny ,we have a top ender and a Mangrove Jack aluminium trailer which dismantles completely,only weighs 39 kg and is licensed. You probably have a trailer already but it's an other option. John