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  2. Kangaroo Valley, Bendeela Gathering Feb 2019


    Hi Noel


    Can you please add Gavin and Sheree to the Bendeela Trip gathering in Feb 2019. We will be arriving on the Friday afternoon and departing on Sunday.


    Thanks for organising




    Gav & Sheree

    1. Evo


      Thanks Gav & Sheree,

      You need to post this in the gathering section to be covered by the club insurance.

      Regards Noel.

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  4. Webmaster

    KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM - Kilkivan Bush Camp

    Save the Date The KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM at Kilkivan Bush Camp, Rossmore Road Kilkivan was a huge success in 2018. Plan to be there and help celebrate another wonderful year in 2019. Information will be posted later in the year as they come to hand.
  5. Peterv

    Just ordered a Compact

    Hello Joiners. Just curious, you have had your Compact now for over 6 months now. How is it travelling? With the benefit of hindsight would you have made any changes to the original configuration you ordered? Sometime in the next few months we will have to finalise the configuration of our Compact and am interested in any insights you could share.
  6. Nev and Penny

    2019 Christmas Gathering & AGM

    Sounds good to us, had a great time last year, love that it is a week earlier, won't class with grand-babies birthday, lol.
  7. NOTE & SAVE THESE DATES!! 2019 Christmas Gathering & AGM November 7th - 10th November 2019 Will be held again at Kilkivan Bush and Caravan Park, Rossmore Rd Kilkivan. Last year we had fourty two vans attend with over a hundred people attending this great event, why can’t it be bigger this year? Save the dates in your diary’s or calendars. More info coming in a couple of months, registrations will open about July. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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  9. the crow and i

    Our fancy coupling

    Hi I do like your coupling and I will do the same. Where did you purchase the bits and pieces? Happy Days Bryan
  10. the crow and i


    Hi Danny where did you buy the 2" lift kit? Bryan
  11. the crow and i


    Hi Tony Change of plan not King Shocks now fox. I have spent hours on the net and this is the best deal I can find surprisingly it is a local company. The quote I received for Fox Shocks from Double Black Off Road Pty Ltd 17/150 Chesterville Rd,, Moorabbin VIC 3189 Ph: (03) 9553 0744, Email: sales@doubleblackoffroad.co 0-1"PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0S MOOTHBODY RESERVOIR SHOCKS 980-24-959 Chevy Silverado 2500HD front 2 $425.00 $772.73 $850.00 0-1"PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0 SMOOTHBODY RESERVOIR SHOCKS 980-24-955Chevy Silverado 2500HD Rear 2 $425.00 $772.73 $850.00 Freight: $0.00 $0.00 TOTAL $1,700.00 Cheers Bryan
  12. until
    RV'S FOR DROUGHT RELIEF Long Weekend of 25th - 28th January 2019 Caravan Fundraising Muster SHOWGROUND TEXAS (Qld) on the other side of the river it is NSW All funds raised by collection or donated to the Texas Lions Club are for distribution to local farmers as the Club sees fit. For more information or to RSVP, please join our FB Page RV's for the Drought or phone Christine on 0400 738 768 Powered sites $50 per van per night (Tax Deductible)
  13. Chris

    Wonderful campground at WA national park.

    And we have just spent four days at Shannon NP, South of Bridgetown. Lovely area of forest and ferns. The camping area has a new area with large and open sites on terraced areas on a gentle slope, and an older area among the trees. We chose the middle ground, near trees and vegetation but out in the open for solar panels. Hot showers and flushing toilets nearby.
  14. Stu and Jean

    AUSTRALIA DAY LONG WEEKEND - RV's for the Drought

    We just put our names down to attend on the RV for Drought Facebook page. Cheers stu and Jean
  15. TonyH


    Hi Bryan, I ended up ordering a set of Bilstein 5100 series front and rear from The Dmax store www.dmaxstore.com Very quick delivery and easy to deal with ......AND they work well!
  16. Stu and Jean

    AUSTRALIA DAY LONG WEEKEND - RV's for the Drought

    We are hoping to get there. We haven’t registered in the RVs for Drought site yet though. cheers Stu and Jean
  17. the crow and i


    Hi All Looking at upgrading the front shocks on my Silverado with a King Shocks 25001-184 Performance Shock Kit Performance Shock Kit. Any advice would be appreciated. Bryan
  18. Is there anyone in the group planning to attending this weekend? If so I will make it an official KOG gathering. Sandra
  19. TonyH


    Hi Annie & I would like to wish you all the safest and happiest Christmas. May the New Year bring you puncture free miles & miles of smiles. Stay safe✅✅
  20. Mayzee


    Likewise from us. Have a wonderful Xmas and New Year and we look forward to catching up with lots of KOGGERS in the new year.
  21. Chris


    Same to you both, and of course all of the Kedron family. I hope lots of you are out and about having fun!
  22. Sandra


    We would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Kedron Family. Enjoy what ever you will be doing and if travelling the roads, stay safe. We may catch up with some of you on the back roads in 2019. Cheers, Clive and Sandra
  23. Chris

    Taking the Plunge

    Welcome Peter and Rommey! It is good to see you join the Ked ron family. We also live in SA (we are up in the Barossa Valley) so we may join up with you sometime, in your nice, shiny and new van. When we drove up to QLD to pick up our new van we went up the most direct route (through Mildura, Hay etc) but came back via a meandering route through NSW and Victoria. And how exciting it is to plan a trip with a brand new Kedron. I made a list of all the things we would need in the new van, which was divided into two parts ; those items I could take from home, and those which would have to be purchased new in Brisbane. This was things like tea towels, cutlery, pots and pans, sheets and towels etc. I found it very helpful to have that list. Still have it on the computer somewhere.... chris
  24. Sandra

    Taking the Plunge

    Welcome to the Kedron Family. Merry Christmas to you both and what an exciting 2019 awaits you. Wishing you lots of safe travels and happy memories, hopefully we will meet you on the road somewhere or at a gathering. cheers, Clive and Sandra
  25. Peter and Rommy

    Taking the Plunge

    Let me start by wishing you all a merry Christmas Rommy and I have taken the plunge and bought the XC5 which we take delivery of in Jan 2019 - so not long to pick up date now We're both new to the caravaning scene, although we did hire one back when the kids were kids and spent a great time in the snowfields in Vic. Were based in Adelaide, so it'll be a direct route up to Kedron and then a leisurely drive back home via the eastern seaboard - first stop Byron Bay. That's as far as I've got but thinking to go via Canberra and then through the Vic high country. The next trip will be in June /july probably up through Alice to NT Savannah way is on the list, also the Creb track - up in the Daintrees (minus the van). There's so many great places Anyway I hope we meet at some point in time Cheers
  26. Elisse

    2014 Xc3 Kedron $72000

    For sale is our wonderful 2014 Xc3 21 footer. It comes with 3x 120amp Bosch batteries, 1800 watt sine wave inverter, 4 solar panels, 3x 100 litre water tanks and 1x 60 litre tank. It has brand new tyres, air conditioning, fridge/freezer, Sony radio with internal and external speakers, 4kg washing machine, en-suite with shower and toilet. 2x single beds. https://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/items/details/2014-Kedron-XC3/SSE-AD-5797520?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-5797520
  27. jherron

    Cold draft around compressor fridge in new XC 5

    Hi David & Macca, Have also experienced the cold air through the fridge vent. Have had a shade cloth screen made up similar to the type we had on our 3 way fridge, attached it to the sail track which I assume would have been fitted to the XC5 on that side and pegged down out from the van. We haven't been able to test it fully since the weather has warmed up! The material was a 90% mesh used for house & pool shade sails,( not your garden or caravan shop end shades variety.) Sail is 1500mm wide 2200mm long. As for insects it isn't too hard to place a piece of mesh behind the vent. I reckon that in most weather a vent is not required as there is top & bottom vents on the fridge but it has been fitted as a requirement from Dometic. Cheers John
  28. Karen n David

    Cold draft around compressor fridge in new XC 5

    Hi Macca I had the same thing wen we went to Tasmania in June. The diesel heater could not keep up with the amount of cold coming in from the door vent at the top and bottom of thr fridge. I ended up removing the external grill to the fridge and taping up all but the top 2 luvers on the inside. The bottom grill on the fridge i rolled up a t towel and put it in the grill. I had to put some foam over the door vent between the screen and the door. This made things better. It was June in Tasmania. It was cold for a Queenslander. I ended up putting a t towel in the top grill on the fridge. I didn't think the fridge needed the extra air flow seeing the temp only was getting to9 or 10. Regards David
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