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  2. Tanami track

    Welcome to the group. We didn’t do the Tanami but cut across on the Buchanan highway. It was good, except thought the Gregory NP, it was a bit rough. We tow a XC with a Patrol and had no problems. If you are heading for Broome (we are here now, parked next to another Kedron) . Two overnight spots I can recommend, Mary Pools, and Lake Ellendale, both are on Wiki Camps.
  3. Hi All, we're new to this (KOG & caravanning), so apologies if we don't get the procedure correct. We are thinking of heading (next couple of weeks) to the Kimberley area via Alice Springs , and the Tanami track & wonder if anyone has done it with a (modified) 100 series T/D Landcruiser towing a 20ft ATV, & if so ANY thoughts, ideas, suggestions ? Would love to catch up with KOG members along the way if anyone is interested (happy to provide mobile /contact info). Cheers, Robin & Jenni (Adelaide)
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  5. Cleaning out water tanks

    If they are the grey plastic (Kedron) tanks, they will be baffled as that is how they promote them............................... that should sort your baffle-ing problem
  6. It’s cold in Tasmania today

    I reackon the locals know a thing or two about alpine fuel and it’s additives! We do usually put some kerosene in the tank every now and again but not in a cold climate where the fuel comes already treated.
  7. It’s cold in Tasmania today

    I hope we see you around the traps then. We are here for a further six weeks.
  8. Cleaning out water tanks

    Geoff The bung was next to the outlet is 10 or 12 mm, I guess there are baffles inside but one can not see inside the tank as the holes are small. Neville.
  9. Cleaning out water tanks

    Thanks for the comment - hoping not to have to remove tanks but looks like the answer - where was the bung and did the tanks have baffles ??
  10. It’s cold in Tasmania today

    Hopefully you have some alpine diesel onboard Leon
  11. It’s cold in Tasmania today

    We have this to lookforwd to. Heading over on Friday for 5 weeks. David & Karen
  12. The Big Red Bash

    Hi call into the Birdsville Lodge if you need anything.Brian and I are in Birdsville for a couple of months. Water will not be a bother.But if you are camping out by the river bring sturdy ground cover as the bindis are bad this year. The flies are out in millions( I am not joking) you will need cover. The nights cold but days beautiful.
  13. It was a cold morning today....minus 2 in the van before the diesel heater kicked in. I hope we can get the ice off the windscreen before heading to Rick and Lea’s....
  14. Cleaning out water tanks

    Good Morning Geoff & Marion I did this some time ago by removing the tanks from the Van which gave me better access for cleaning, there was also a plastic plug in our tanks which I removed, then partially filled with water & was able to give them a good shake & roll them around then letting all the water drain out, repeated this several times until clean water running out then for the last time filled with clean water & added the required amount of MILTON which is a cleaner you can get from the Supermarket, [used for cleaning babies bottles I think] let this sit for awhile then drained & flushed & re fitted tanks to Van, re connected hoses & filled with water & all was good. Happy Travels Neville & Kay.
  15. Cleaning out water tanks

    Need to remove twelve years accumulated sediment in two 80l and one 60l black poly water tanks in ATV. Problem caused by half inch drain point not at lowest point.Any suggestions ?? Only access is via filling/drain point.Camec recommend tank clean.
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  17. We aim to please

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    2. TonyH


      silly me .....yes it does look great!

    3. Webmaster


      your a worry.  where are you at present, still in tassie

    4. TonyH


      Back home now....till mid November when we will head back down to Newcastle for christmas.

      Stay safe you two!

  18. New Kedron Owners

    Welcome Chris, Congratulations and I’m sure you will have a lot of lovely adventures with your new van. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
  19. New Kedron Owners

    Cheers Tony!
  20. Kedron warrenty details ??

    Hi Pepper, Never seen a warranty in writing but everyone was happy with there Kedrons when we were checking things out before purchase.. Since some of the other suppliers give you a written warranty and don't live up to it it seemed redundant. We have had things done after what would be the accepted period and they have always done there best for us. I realise this doesn't answer your exact question but hope it helps
  21. Kedron warrenty details ??

    We are on our second Kedron and the support from the Gall Boys has been fantastic. They really do stand by their product. Cheers Stu
  22. Kedron warrenty details ??

    Have never had a problem with the Gall Boys and Kedron Caravans. They have always been helpful and we purchased our pop top from them when it was 5 years old and was being re-sold due to ill health back in 2005. It has been a great van and we have always been treated as if we have just purchased the latest model. Our van is for sale again as health issues cause us to give our touring holidays away.
  23. Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    Don’t be scared of the size of a yank tank , we have a Silverado 2500 and have no problems parking at our local Coles and Woolworths and even the good shops like BCF and Bunnings. My wife drives it all around Brisbane. Cheers Nev
  24. Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    We have a 79 series dual cab and we have just begun towing our XC3 (~3300kg loaded). I guess I don't have much experience to compare, but as a new van tower, after about two hours behind the wheel, I got the feel of it and it towed fairly predictably. Now, a 200 might sit better on the road and be easier... I am not sure. Mine's lifted with mud tyres etc. so it's not going even run as stable as a stock example (although stock suspension is terrible towing). On the nicer highways, I probably sat at 90-95kph. Anymore than that and diesel disappears at a fast rate! I do have a remap/exhaust/intake done, so there was no problem with power going up the Toowoomba range and other long steep inclines. I am going to get a brake booster as I feel the stock brakes after a lift are not great. On the back roads, we were between 70 and 90kph because of all the ditches, narrow asphalt, hills, turns etc.
  25. New Kedron Owners

    Hi Chris & family, Welcome to the Kedron ‘family’. Looking forward to meeting you on the road one day or at a gathering! Travel safe and keep the shiney side up! Tony H
  26. After ordering or triple bunk XC3 in November, we are glad to have taken delivery two weeks ago! We just had our first shakedown trip and van life is a lot easier than the 15 years of tenting we've been doing prior!! Keen to learn and share experiences in this forum Chris
  27. Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Tony, Mine are the STZ which has now been replaced by the ATZ. they are a 50/50 pattern. I have just put Toyo Open Country AT on the Patrol and I an very happy with them so far. But I have only done 7,000kms on them. They are a very quiet tyre also (but compared to the Cooper ST Maxx.......... A D9 Dozer would be quiet) and have been fantastic in the wet. Look forward to catching up when your back Safe travels
  28. Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Steve, Out of curiosity what tread pattern do you have. I also will be running 18” wheels, but have a feeling I will go with the Toyo’s. We get home at the end of this week, cu round the bay sometime.
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