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  2. In case they haven’t mentioned it yet, the van may not come with a jack. They will probably recommend a trail-a-mate mk2.
  3. Hi Peter, We had a very productive day up at the factory a couple of weeks ago. I think we are happy with the color choices and final specs! 😱. Leisa and Graham have both been fantastic and more importantly, very patient with us. Have been so busy at work haven’t had much time to think much about it, but I was thinking about giving Graham a call next week with what will hopefully be my last couple of questions. May see you up there in December?
  4. Can you put Stuart and Jean Roberts down as arriving the 6th leaving the 11th, Yes for dinner for 2 but one is gluten free (celiac).
  5. Last week
  6. Hi @Andrea and Gary, we might see you at Kedron. Our CP5 is also due to be collected in December. Our chassis has arrived and we have now finalised the specification. December can’t come quickly enough🙂
  7. Robert & Jane Jones will arrive Wed 6th & depart Sunday 10th, will be at AGM & the dinner. Thank you
  8. Hi Bryan The new OEM trailer hitch (tow bar)was US$284.00 and shipping through myus.com was US$280.00 at a weight of 25.4kgs, which I thought was pretty reasonable. When I fitted it, all I did was to reinforce inside the chassis rall top and bottom with a length of 10mm mild steel on both the front and rear mounting points. I also reinforced the bolts where they attach to the bumper reinforcement bar the same. Cheers Merv
  9. Shannon McBride will be arriving (solo) on Thursday 7th Depart on Sunday 10th. Yes to dinner on Saturday night.
  10. John & Noela Lister will be attending - arrive on 6th - depart Sunday 10th and yes will attend Sat dinner.
  11. Am not sure of that lookout camp site, or “the old Great Central Road”. But we did like the Giles Breakaways! I am guessing the ridge top spot was at Redbank Gorge? One of our firm favourites.
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  13. Hi Laurie Any chance I could get a copy of the drawings? Bryan
  14. Hi Peter, No dramas, ..........wishing the 'bride' a speedy recovery. Travel safe Tony
  15. It’s hard to imagine that people can be so thoughtless; there is certainly enough of them to spoil a number of otherwise nice campgrounds ⛺️
  16. Hi @TonyH sadly we won’t be starters for the Christmas gathering. We have pushed the delivery date out to December, because of my wife going into hospital (nothing too major). Hopefully next year 🍾
  17. Yes unfortunately people can be real pigs and not clean up after themselves.
  18. We had lunch at Malcolm dam and camped at Giles Breakaway on the ridge terrific views there . Second night at old Great central rd lookout, meet a dingo there . I was taking a photo and heard a growl turned around and he was 3 meters behind me. Third night Dingo camp( no dingos ) about 100 klm from the Olga’s. We camped for two nights at Morris Pass on the Mereenie loop . Another great site parked on the ridge. Took a bit to get the van in but it was worth it. Only trouble there is the toilet paper in the bush . People must think that it may grow!!!
  19. Bill & Vicki Fawkes will be attending. Arriving on 7th and leaving on 10th and will be joining everyone for the AGM and the dinner
  20. Mick

    Smev Oven

    The biggest problem with LPG appliances is the gas pressure . Your oven may need a new thermocouple or most likely it's a heat problem , lpg has a kilowatt rating at 2.75 kpa at the burner . Low kilowatts reduce the flame temperature , which reduces the millivots of the thermocouple . Check the regulator pressure it will need to be 3 kpa to compensate for pressure loss ,
  21. I would love to hear more about that loop down to the corner. What previous advice had you received about it? Any special notes, or photos? Thanks for sharing this with us!
  22. We too enjoyed the Mereenie Loop and thought it was a great shortcut. But not for a lesser van 😁 where did you camp in the West Macdonnells? And which camps did you stay at on the GCR?
  23. That does look familiar. Ours failed in almost the same place only geographically different, we had just turned from a 100kph to a 25kph when our tow bar parted company in Tasmania and the van skidded/rested on the new electric jack that I installed before we left. I had a complete new towbar manufactured and reinforced mounting plates as per drawings supplied by American Imports in Melbourne.
  24. Great Central is seriously dusty. Docker to the east has recently been graded but has quickly become rough due to high traffic plus it’s a bugger of a section. If interested in going off the Great Central and visiting the Surveyor General Corner the road down to Wingellina is ok as is the the road from Wingellina to Warburton (bit rough watch for camels). Make sure you ring Mark the community officer (0427 031 926) at Wingellina before going into town to make sure it’s safe as it’s a closed community. It’s $50 to visit the corner with no guide, $100 with guide. Private road out to the corner is very nastily corrugated. To be taken seriously but is easily doable with a van. Road from Warburton to Laverton is ok but watch for mine road trains from Gile Breakaway to Laverton.
  25. Will try and make it. Currently preparing for the Tanami and Buchanan Hwy. Might not get back south in time.
  26. Hi Merv When at Cruisemaster/Vehicle Components a little time back, Keiran the service manager noticed that the brake safe cable attachment on my Cruiser is quite independent of the towbar, and he remarked that he rarely sees that. If the towbar goes, so does the cable. I have a stainless steel cable which runs in between the towbar and the bumper bar and attaches on to the vehicle chassis. The other end has a loop which attaches to the brake safe cable with a small D shackle. Cheers Bas
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