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  2. Thanks Merv for the great info With you’re xantrex 1800 inverter did Kedron fit it and wire it in when the van was getting built OR was it fitted later when I fit my inverter i am wondering how to get the wires back inside to a change over switch cheers Rod
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  4. ATV42


    Hi Sandra and Clive. Congratulations in such a worthy course, and helping to make history in the Outback. Well done. Cheers from Peter and Margaret.
  5. Chris


    What a wonderful thing to be involved in! You will be able to say, in years to come, that you took part in this.
  6. Have just completed the longest line of Rv’s for a world Guinness record. It was an amazing event with 934 vans and motor homes stretched over 9.3kms. We stayed out overnight on the Barcaldine Isisford road. It was a spectacular sight to see all the campfires and lights. Pity only three Kedron attended. Amazing.
  7. The Itech 120amp lithium batteries now have a 3 year warranty. Merv
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  9. Rod

    Solar Panel up grade

    Hi Pete when you up graded your solar Panels to 1040W how many Panels did you use and how did you wire them up Did you have to in stall a second solar regular Are you running a MPPT regular Cheers Rod PS only new to this bear with me 🤔
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  11. 390 solar & the 2x 120 lithium is the equivalent of the old 360agms or so I am told. Merv
  12. Hi Chris Thanks for your info have just ordered new lenses for mine Kakadu
  13. Thanks Merv very keen to see how the lithium perform how much solar do you have on the roof is 2 batteries enough for all your needs when I replace mine I think I will do all 3
  14. Hi Rod They are a direct drop in replacement for the argms, same physical dimensions. Max charge is 14.7v and all reports I read none were detrimental. I have only had ours a week and so far so good, only time will tell. Weight of each battery is only 13ks so a total of 26kgs against the 100kgs for the old agms, which I might add lasted nearly 7 years. Set them up on your enerdrive charger by the instructions that came with it. I now have an extra box up front. I got $50 back from the recycling depot for the old agms. Cheers Merv
  15. That is very cheep for 120 lithium how long have you had them and you say my standard charging system will charge them ok do they need to be charged at 14.6v
  16. Hi forumites. Some of you may know that Grant Foster on the Kedron Facebook sister site has arranged for replacement external light covers on Kedron vans to be made by a firm called Fairlite Plastics. This is a special run and may not be available in future. While the orders were to be placed by today at the latest, I have spoken to Fairlite Plastics (Gemma) and she advised that provided she receives requests as soon as possible, but within the next week, she should be able to accommodate the request. I have only just noticed the facebook post on this topic and so apologies for short notice. I know not everyone is a facebook user and so may miss out on this opportunity otherwise. The facebook post says: Price will $62.50 each. Contact Gemma at Fairlite Plastics 0423987478 email mailto:gemma@fairlite.com.au Gemma will arrange your payment, the number of covers you want to order and your postal address. This post has been brought to you as a community service announcement...and the usual caveats apply. We have no affiliation with the company in question etc. Chris
  17. Here you go......dont know anything about this actual product, but if Merv uses them I would think he has done some research! https://itechworld.com.au/collections/lithium-batteries
  18. Hi Pete Itech world in Perth currently have 120amp lithium batteries that can be connected in series for $899 free delivery or can be cheaper to pick up. Working very well without changing the original system and only 13kgs each. Cheers Merv
  19. Hi Rod. Is lithium batteries the way to go.................Absolutely. That's why most manufacturers of hi-end caravans are fitting them as standard. However, upgrading from AGM batteries to Lithium batteries can be expensive, so shop around and choose a supplier and a system that suits you. Cheers from Pete.
  20. Is lithium batteries the way to go
  21. Hi Rod We have the Enerdrive 3 bank 60amp charger combination with a Xantrex 1800 inverter and have just fitted 2x 120amp lithium batteries and the system is working a treat. Cheers Merv
  22. Is the Enerdrive combo 60 battery charger 1600 inverter a good product for the ATV cheers Rod
  23. Rod

    Solar Panel up grade

    Thanks for the info my 3 AGM are only 12 months old so I was looking at up grading the solar Panels i found some panels on line 300w i was keen on these because they fit in the mounting bracket all ready on the roof 670 wide cheers Rod
  24. Hi Rod, I like Peter's thinking above......although somewhat expensive (guessing not much change out of 10k)....ALL comes down to how often you use the van and your style of camping. Your van you say is 5 years old, if you are still on your original AGM's (not jinxing you) will be due for replacement 'soonish'. So Peters option above could be considered..... My thoughts are you cannot have enough solar on the roof, in the last 5 years there has been great advancement in panel design & manufacture. Your van probably/possibly has Polycrystalline panels, .....(newer) Monocrystalline panels are slightly more efficient and compatible with the 'polys'. If you are serious about increasing your solar capacity, can I respectively suggest you do some further research on quality panels. (you don't have to replace the existing panels) Not knowing.... your capabilities & resources, panel installation is not that difficult. I have found that Springers Solar to be very good @ Lawnton 07 3889 8898 speak to Matt or Eddie both guru's and won't give you a bum steer!
  25. Hi Rod We went through a similar dilemma last year with our 2012 Kedron ATV for two. After considerable research and discussion we did 2 things. 1. We upgraded the solar system from 600watts to 1040watts, we used every bit of available roof space to put solar panels on. 2. Our 3AGM 120 watt batteries (105kg total weight) were on their last legs, so we opted for 4 Victron lithium 90 watt batteries (48kg total weight), a 50amp DC to DC charger, and a 60amp Enerdrive AC charger. The 360amp AGM system, gave us about 180amps of usable power. The 360amp lithium system gives us about 310amps of usable power. Lithium batteries also charge much faster. Just remember, when adding new fixtures, like solar panels, it's all weight. By opting for the lithium batteries, we saved nearly 60kg in weight. The solar panels we added were less than the weight we saved. Hence, a nett reduction in weight. The end result is fantastic. We don't have to worry about off grid power anymore. We now have 3 very efficient ways (solar, DC and AC) to charge our long lasting (reportable 15years life) batteries. We even use the normal household toaster through the 1800watt inverter. We don't carry a generator anymore, even less weight to worry about. But, all these nice things come at a cost, so shop around. We figure we are adding value to our Kedron, and hopefully, it will be a more 'attractive' item when we eventually sell it. Additionally, we'll never have to replace our batteries again. Cheers from Pete.
  26. My Kedron is 5 years old it has 3 solar Panel now each one is 135W I am thinking of up grading the Panels what would be the best bang for my buck Any help thanks the system charges 3AGM 120 batteries cheers Rod
  27. We have just fitted 2x 120 amp lithium batteries up front eliminating 75 kilos of weight and producing a more reliable power source and quicker charge. We should have done it ages ago. It is making the decision to sell much harder. Cheers Merv
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  29. Hi Paul I have a Dodge Ram 2500 one of the Walkinshaw converted ones sold through jeep, dodge dealers across Australia, new around $139 k or 1500 Dodge ram tow capacity 4.5 t, petrol Hemi motor around $90k. We are very happy with ours. Just google Dodge Ram Australia. Neville.
  30. Sandra

    Longest Line

    Are there any Kedrons participating in “The Longest Line of RV’s” being held in Barcaldine 25th, 26th May? We are crazy enough to participate.
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