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  2. Automatic Satellite dish

    Hi Geoff According to the manual the Oyster is ok up to 130kph. We haven’t left it up for anything approaching that and no problems with reception. In strong winds we still have good receprion. Regards John
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  4. Automatic Satellite dish

    Hi John, Sorry I should have said the Satking Promax not just Satking The Satking Promax Satelite dish is a square unit of very low profile satellite receiver using new technology. They come recommended by Several installers and have a similar warranty to Oyster of 3 years. I Have seen several Kedrons as well as other makes with the Satking Promax receivers but not had the chance to seek their opinions. How have you found the Oyster in strong winds. Does it hold the signal and or do you retract it for security. Regards, Geoff.
  5. Automatic Satellite dish

    Geoff and Joy The Satking is the VAST box not another dish. We’ve only ever had this system Regards John
  6. Automatic Satellite dish

    Hi Mayzee' Tks your comment, What is the performance of the Satking compared to the Oyster. Rgds Geoff
  7. Automatic Satellite dish

    Hi Geoff and Joy Totally agree with Pete. We’ve had an Oyster and Satking for years and completely happy. As he said trees can be a problem at times but you can usually work around that.
  8. Automatic Satellite dish

    Hi there Geoff & Joy. We went for the Oyster system on our current and previous Kedrons. Never had any problems anywhere in Australia. When we stop for the night, the 1st thing I do is to put the dish up and get a picture. That way we ensure the dish has a clear view of the satellite and no trees etc are in the way. A few times we've had to move a few metres one way or the other. Cheers Peter
  9. Automatic Satellite dish

    We are about to fit an automatic roof mounted Satellite dish on our Kedron XC. 2006 model. Can we have some feedback on the what members have experienced with either of these units. we have space for either unit however the Satking has a much smaller footprint. we will be having the unit installed by Solar N Sat in Gin Gin.
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  11. Van Service

    Melbourne Trailers at Chelsea Heights is the Australian Dexter agents and are recommended. Bas
  12. State :NSW City / town :Terrey Hills (Sydney North shore) Business / Contact name :RVgo Address : 26-30 Tepko Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084 Ph: 02 9986 2952 Web site: http://rvgo.com.au/ Type of work : General maintenance Comments :Usuallty booked a couple of months ahead but appear honest and was happy with their work. Kedron was happy to liaise with them.
  13. Van Service

    In Product information and services I have just pined the national register we started. If anyone has someone to add please do so. Remember these are not people Kedron directly endorses just people Kedron Owners Group member have found reliable.
  14. This would look good on the top banner.  Would you like me to use it giving credit to you?

  15. Van Service

    We have also had our Kedron serviced by Harding Swift. They did a great job. We told them we were going rough and asked them to replace things that might be iffy (as we are not mechanically minded). Only 1 bearing needed replacing. Think there was a list started I will try and track it down and pin it to the top for people to find
  16. Van Service

    Hi Paul Harding Swift looks after ours. Colchester Rd Kilsyth. Cheers Merv
  17. Van Service

    Hi Paul, Welcome to this forum. If you look in the Public Forum, under the heading ’Product information and Services’ you will find the National Service Directory, although there are only a few entry’s there, there are two for Vic, maybe one of them is geographically close to you. Perhaps after finding a suitable repairer, you to may add to this thread. Looking forward to meeting you down the road! Regards Tony H National Service
  18. Eyres Rock proper

    LOL ........................ "Queenslanders can be a bit different" ......................... That is an understated comment if ever I have heard one
  19. Van Service

    Hi all, being based in Vic it is a little hard to get to Kedron for servicing. I have just brought a 4 year old Van. Can anyone recommend a company in Vic for servicing that they are happy with. Thanks Paulg
  20. Adding photos to a post, Help!!!

    All sorted thanks to Wedmaster, I was just having a seniors moment!!!
  21. Eyres Rock proper

    Apparently all I need now is to learn how to spell & get my new vehicle covered in dirt to be a true Kredoner . Then ,again , Queenslanders can be a bit different sometimes. Thought this attitude only happened on the Bushtracker site.😡
  22. Kedron ATV 17foot External, 2001 Poptop

    You got the photos up - excellent
  23. Eyres Rock proper

    Not this time. After weeks in Perth to do the change over we had to get home to Cairns ,so the quickest way was to take the diagonal from Perth to Cairns via the Nullabour. Picked up the old “bull” in Perth and got the van upgraded as well. As far as W.A Transport were concerned the Kedron was now legal. Queensland Transport not happy until I spent more money in Cairns to get my third vin plate. A lovely blue one. Now we’re all happy.
  24. Eyres Rock proper

    Far too clean for the back door. Looks more like highway mode. AYERS rock.... Cheers Merv
  25. Eyres Rock proper

    Good photo, did you come over by the GCR and in through the back door, so to speak. Clive
  26. I am wanting to add photos to a for sale post but keeping getting an exceed MB message. Anyone out there able to help? Thanks John
  27. Our fancy coupling

    Very pretty ,don’t you think! The hitch is a D 045 and the tow bar is 4.5 tonnes. The shackles are are so big they have trouble fitting into the 20mm hole of the tow bar. I reckon we could pull a Sherman out of a bog. (probably even if it had one track missing). One thing for sure the Ford & the Kedron will never part no matter what(unless I choose of course).
  28. Eyres Rock proper

    Just a better pic beside the Rock.
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