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  2. Thanks Chris Hi David, yes it is still available. Merv
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  4. David, by clicking onto Merv and Di’s name in the message above, you will see an option to send them a Message. That way they will see this query.
  5. Hi Is this unit still on the market? Regards, David. Perth.
  6. Thanks Chris but we won’t be going on the Plenty . Planning Great Central from west , on to Palm Valley then the Tanami track to Halls Creek.
  7. Thank you Chris, very helpful trip report. It gives me something to think about for when we reschedule our Alice trip. I had planned on arriving and leaving Alice from the south, but doing a loop where we leave Sydney and first go north / west to Boulia, then visit Alice, Uluru and the surrounds and then come home via Oodnadatta sounds like a better option. This year’s trip was designed around having a Jayco which we wanted to sell as soon as we returned home. The Jayco is now retired (for us at least), detailed and up for sale. We pick up the CP5 in October opening up a new world of route options.
  8. That's beaut.....have seen old loos being used before for this purpose, saves the old back also (you don't have to bend so far) really like the idea of hand cleaner!
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  10. And the winner of the most ergonomic and also most eccentric dump point goes to - Coolalinga CP, in Darwin! Complete with hand washing facilities and paper towels Just installed 😀😀
  11. Have you seen my trip report on the Plenty Highway? Stage 3 August 2018 Plenty Highway.pdf
  12. I had planned to be there, in fact right about now, but some health issues caused us to cancel the trip. After hearing about the crowds I don’t feel quite so bad.
  13. Busy means revenue for the city can’t be a bad thing. We are heading that way mid August Great Central road west to the Rock plus Hermannsburg then Tanami track . Can’t wait .
  14. It seems that Alice Springs, which is generally a busy town at this time of year, is particularly busy this year. In part that is attributed to the forthcoming closure of climbing The Rock at Uluru. I make no comment on the closure of climbing at Uluru, but rather the need to plan ahead if Alice Springs is on the travel agenda. And apparently it will get even busier in the near future... And please, no debate on the merits of climbing The Rock....it will only lead to tears.😁 https://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/201 ... itor-boom/
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    KINGSLEY GROVE ESTATE 49 Stuart Valley Drive, Goodger - Kingaroy Qld Come join us for a relaxing weekend overlooking the vineyard. There are no camping fees. You only pay for your wine purchase and Saturday night dinner (both optional) If you will be arriving after 5pm, please let me know as they close the gates. Alternate arrangements can be made. Jo and Simon, the owners will do Gourmet pizzas and Salads for us on Saturday night for $20p/person We can have a campfire, Simon will provide wood at a cost to us or we can bring our own. There is no power available, that should not be a problem for us. The area is still in drought so come with full water tanks. The closest dump point is in Kingaroy approximately 10kms north, good idea to arrive with an empty cassette. Pets are welcome, the usual rules apply. Plenty to see and do, visit the Bunya Mountains or Kingaroy. Unfortunately there will be no Kingaroy Speedway that weekend. Apologies to the Rev Heads. We stayed here overnight last January on our way south and it is a very pleasant free camp. Check Wiki Camp for their reviews. Hope to see and meet new members and catch up with everyone. Feel free to phone me 0428997096 for any information Cheers, Sandra and Clive NAME DINNER SATURDAY NIGHT Sandra and Clive Yes
  17. Yes Chris, Some scenes were of complete devastation with contents of top cupboards on the floor, microwave ovens. stoves, fridges all sitting in the walkways......... but the worst were when fridge doors came open and all the contents would fall out and combined in the isle. I cannot tell the amount of paper towel and spray & wipe we sold at the store.
  18. We had a custom program installed into the old solar controller by Wheelhouse Marine in Darwin and all seems to be working quite well. They were recommended by Enerdrive to do the job, apparently the latter solar controller already has the lithium algorithm in it. Cheers Merv
  19. Oh no, just my luck. I put a post on the gathering section yesterday. Will just have to do it again later today. I noticed the pages were all over the place. Cheers, Sandra
  20. The site went down yesterday and I had to get it rolled back to Thursday 4th of July when I knew it was working correctly. If you input any information onto the site it will have been lost. Apologies but at least we are up and running again. Webmaster
  21. For our wedding anniversary I bought a map of the world, put it on the wall. I gave my beloved a dart and said “wherever the dart lands we will holiday for 2 weeks!”. Well, now we are camped out near the skirting board in the laundry for a fortnight....
  22. Mal, see here...http://www.kedronownersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3155-outside-light-covers/
  23. Wanted:- New squarish outside light covers. Suit Kedron XC3 2012. Existing covers have gone yellow. Best regards Mal Dearness
  24. Hi Terry, You seem to be having the same luck with your fridges as I had with Toyota's, however as much as it saddens me to have to agree with Tony, as we also have a 230l Vitrofrigo which is 9 years old and has spent its whole life in either the Kimberly or NT and as Tony says it has been "trouble free (touch wood)"! I guess that, like me and Toyota's, you are one of those "special" people with Vitrofrigo. I feel your frustration.
  25. G’day Terry, Very sorry to hear of your dilemma, I also have a Vitrofrigo...12 years old and trouble free (touch wood)! As unlucky as you are to have two fail on you, your very lucky that you have a Kedron and a quick call to Robyn or Ashley (Kedron service) will have you sorted out in no time. Can I please ask you to update your signature, van model & location details....thanking you!
  26. We have had three vitrifrigos and found they performed beautifully in even the hottest conditions... Even in 47 degrees it just kept on chilling the food.
  27. Hi we have the 150i in our van & the first one failed when we were at Birdsville last year & caused us a lot of grief. it was replaced with a new one 2 months later after we struggled through the outback. Now 10 months later the new replacement has crapped itself. Don’t buy one may mate has had problems with the same frig. We just started another trip & got the stress again. even when there going the thermostat is nearly up to max to get down to 4 dec c with ambient 23
  28. On the sister Facebook site, Gemma has written Hi Kedron Caravan Owners. We are planning a 2nd production run of External Light Covers. If enough orders received in June we will go to production for Despatch end of July 2019. Interested parties may contact me on 0423987478 or gemma@fairlite.com.au thank you in advance - Gemma Borg, Fairlite Plastics Pty Ltd
  29. This post made me laugh! I can imagine how you would feel opening a van to scenes of disaster... I remember in our first van, a Kedron ATV with sliding window over the couch, I left the window open by mistake on the Gibb River Road. Red dust everywhere. But that was MY error, not the van’s.
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