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  2. Chris

    Letter of appreciation

    Well, that is pretty special. A handwritten letter of appreciation! It makes you feel all warm inside, doesn’t’t it? Thanks for sharing it Tony.
  3. TonyH

    Letter of appreciation

    You may remember at our last AGM we made a donation to Jandowae Lions Club’s Drought Appeal. Please see attached photo, it is a letter of appreciation to Norma Curd (Lions Club President) from a local recipient of monies donated. Great work guys!
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  5. the crow and i

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Laurie I didn't buy them, I machined the retainers from solid blocks of steel. The retainers are bolted through the chassis with M10-1.5 class 8.8 bolts and have a 150 x 100 x 10mm backing plates. Each retainer also has an M10-1.5 class 8.8 bolt that passes through the block and the rear chain link. Cheers Bryan
  6. Laurie and Helen

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Bryan, Where did you buy these and how is the box mounted to the chassis of the van ? welded or bolted. cheers
  7. Laurie and Helen

    Silverado GVM Upgrade

    Bryan, To upgrade to 4495kg GVM on a 2500, you need to bring the rear springs to 3500 specifications. This requires the addition of 3 extra leaves per set. The LS11 certification, can than be carried out by a qualified mechanical engineer in Queensland. I did all the work myself, and had the springs upgraded at a local spring works, than refitted them. (they are heavy) I already had airbags fitted. When the upgraded springs were fitted I also needed to install a 25mm spacer for the air bags. The certification for mine was carried out before the latest government saga's but should still be able to be carried out, you also need to ensure your brakes are up to standard as the vehicle is put through a rigorous series of brake tests as part of the upgrade process. Some information attached, I used for the engineer to confirm my research. You need the specifications of the 3500 spring pack (attached), when you get the 3 new leaves installed they need to reset the springs to the 3500 specifications. Hope this helps. cheers Replacement Leaf Springs for the 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.webarchive
  8. the crow and i

    Silverado GVM Upgrade

    G'day Merv The endorsement shouldn't be a problem locating an engineer may be. Thanks Bryan
  9. Merv and Di

    Silverado GVM Upgrade

    Why not simply put a set of duallies under the rear and take to an auto engineer to have increased. There is nothing else done between the 2500 and the 3500 maybe slightly heavier rear springs. Your 2500 can tow 4.5 t on the ball and 7.5t 5th wheeler. Don't forget a light truck endorsement will be required for vehicles over 4.5t. From memory the 2500 comes in at 4536kgs unless you have had it derated Cheers Merv
  10. the crow and i

    Silverado GVM Upgrade

    Hi All I need to have a GVM upgrade on a Silverado 2500 HD any ideas on where I can have this happen? Bryan
  11. the crow and i

    GVM and tow upgrades

    After a lot of procrastination I bit the bullet and machined up my own couplings and must say I am very happy with the result.
  12. Sandra

    2019 Christmas Gathering & AGM

    Last night we stayed at the Kilkivan Bush Camp. It was so lovely. Update, the pool is open. Remember to bring your swimmers. Also they are in the process of adding a coffee shop and kiosk next to the office.
  13. Well, after placing the order for the CP5 last October, we have now ordered a new tow vehicle. Landcruiser 200 should be delivered around April. We’ll be getting all the usual mods done, including a GVM upgrade prior to the first registration. Going to be a very different experience to towing with the Pajero.
  14. We have a 3 kg front loader in our van which was put in at new (8 years ago). We lived in the van for the last 7 years for our "Working Holiday" and it has done a mountain of work and it just keeps going. We have used it exclusively for all our washing over the 7 years. It is one of the best thing we put in the van................diesel heater rates right up there too.
  15. We have put a 3 kg front loader in our new Kedron AT5, wanted a 4 kg, but it wouldn't quite fit due to where the wheel arc is located. Camec website have the dimensions of their machines.
  16. Any reviews on this washing machine would be greatly received. We are thinking of removing 3 drawers and installing one of these washing machines at the back of the caravan. It would be a camec compact rv 4kg front loader washing machine
  17. Kangaroo Valley, Bendeela Gathering Feb 2019


    Hi Noel


    Can you please add Gavin and Sheree to the Bendeela Trip gathering in Feb 2019. We will be arriving on the Friday afternoon and departing on Sunday.


    Thanks for organising




    Gav & Sheree

    1. Evo


      Thanks Gav & Sheree,

      You need to post this in the gathering section to be covered by the club insurance.

      Regards Noel.

  18. Webmaster

    KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM - Kilkivan Bush Camp

    Save the Date The KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM at Kilkivan Bush Camp, Rossmore Road Kilkivan was a huge success in 2018. Plan to be there and help celebrate another wonderful year in 2019. Information will be posted later in the year as they come to hand.
  19. Peterv

    Just ordered a Compact

    Hello Joiners. Just curious, you have had your Compact now for over 6 months now. How is it travelling? With the benefit of hindsight would you have made any changes to the original configuration you ordered? Sometime in the next few months we will have to finalise the configuration of our Compact and am interested in any insights you could share.
  20. Nev and Penny

    2019 Christmas Gathering & AGM

    Sounds good to us, had a great time last year, love that it is a week earlier, won't class with grand-babies birthday, lol.
  21. NOTE & SAVE THESE DATES!! 2019 Christmas Gathering & AGM November 7th - 10th November 2019 Will be held again at Kilkivan Bush and Caravan Park, Rossmore Rd Kilkivan. Last year we had fourty two vans attend with over a hundred people attending this great event, why can’t it be bigger this year? Save the dates in your diary’s or calendars. More info coming in a couple of months, registrations will open about July. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  22. the crow and i

    Our fancy coupling

    Hi I do like your coupling and I will do the same. Where did you purchase the bits and pieces? Happy Days Bryan
  23. the crow and i


    Hi Danny where did you buy the 2" lift kit? Bryan
  24. the crow and i


    Hi Tony Change of plan not King Shocks now fox. I have spent hours on the net and this is the best deal I can find surprisingly it is a local company. The quote I received for Fox Shocks from Double Black Off Road Pty Ltd 17/150 Chesterville Rd,, Moorabbin VIC 3189 Ph: (03) 9553 0744, Email: sales@doubleblackoffroad.co 0-1"PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0S MOOTHBODY RESERVOIR SHOCKS 980-24-959 Chevy Silverado 2500HD front 2 $425.00 $772.73 $850.00 0-1"PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0 SMOOTHBODY RESERVOIR SHOCKS 980-24-955Chevy Silverado 2500HD Rear 2 $425.00 $772.73 $850.00 Freight: $0.00 $0.00 TOTAL $1,700.00 Cheers Bryan
  25. until
    RV'S FOR DROUGHT RELIEF Long Weekend of 25th - 28th January 2019 Caravan Fundraising Muster SHOWGROUND TEXAS (Qld) on the other side of the river it is NSW All funds raised by collection or donated to the Texas Lions Club are for distribution to local farmers as the Club sees fit. For more information or to RSVP, please join our FB Page RV's for the Drought or phone Christine on 0400 738 768 Powered sites $50 per van per night (Tax Deductible)
  26. Chris

    Wonderful campground at WA national park.

    And we have just spent four days at Shannon NP, South of Bridgetown. Lovely area of forest and ferns. The camping area has a new area with large and open sites on terraced areas on a gentle slope, and an older area among the trees. We chose the middle ground, near trees and vegetation but out in the open for solar panels. Hot showers and flushing toilets nearby.
  27. Stu and Jean

    AUSTRALIA DAY LONG WEEKEND - RV's for the Drought

    We just put our names down to attend on the RV for Drought Facebook page. Cheers stu and Jean
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