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  2. SOLD Black Clearview towing mirrors to suit 100 series Landcruiser for sale. Full instructions to fit included. $300 negotiable. Located in Brisbane. Phone Sheryl on zero four one seven 633097.
  3. As intrastate travel is now allowed within South Australia, we have already done one trip (to the Flinders Ranges) and are now ready to again go to another nice SA national park campground. Well, we hope its nice, as we have never been there before... The trouble is, we have to book and pay before going, and there is no phone reception up there. The Gawler ranges are in the Northern area of the Eyre Peninsula, near Wudinna. First we are going to the little town of Laura, where the Golden North ice cream is made (no that is NOT why we are going there). We want to see a few things around there, and although a caravan park is usually anathema to me, apparently this one is lovely. If anyone else is meandering around out that way, and see us, yell out. We are the greeny coloured van and golden LC. This is us on a previous trip (on the Strzelecki Track).
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  5. We have an inverter in our van and generally use it however for extended stays and lousy weather at times we have also used power banks as well. They can be charged whilst you drive to and from places in the car for the day or when you go to the next place. Ordinary small one will work on phone and ipad I am using Cygnett 15,000mah. Picked it up from a telstra shop in our travels. macbook pro requires a much stronger power bank. I am using Cygnett USB-C 27,000mah. Picked this up from Harvey Norman shop after much mucking around. These can be precharged and only have to be topped up when needed.
  6. Hi all, Can you help me check the best way to charge, while bush camping with no power, my Ipad Pro (USB C) and my MacBook Pro. I have a 120Ah AGM deep cycle battery. I have 2 cigarette lighter type ports in van. So I am considering with 12v connector with USB, and also maybe a 240v inverter with PPT plugs. Thanks. Ken.
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  8. HiPhil and Katirna , we installed: remap and torque converter and are very happy with both . The remap gives us a little more power and the torque converter makes towing our heavy Kedron Top Ender a breeze . Sure it was easy before in 2016 200 series but it now holds it in gear for longer periods plus a substantial fuel saving .Its now a much smoother ride . We also have the Lovells GVM and tow kit installed. Sure it’s all costly, but in our case the land cruiser is our about town vehicle as well and suits us very well .
  9. with our 2017 VX, we put in a pre diesel filter and just drive it, lovells upgrade for our XC5, save your pennies it really inst needed
  10. A little check now is much better than a big cheque later!
  11. Thanks for this advice Tolley. (You all understand this further advice comes from Val...I am a technical twit). Val says he does a full lube and check of all the nuts and bolts in the suspension and adjusts the brakes. Then about every 10,000 kms he does a lube job (greasing things) and again checks tightness in all the bolts. He does regular checks of hoses and connections under and around the van. It is valuable to discuss these issues, especially for newer members and van owners who may not realise what is needed or how often.
  12. And now, fellow forumites, we are down at Mount Remarkable’s Mambray Creek Campground. This is just 50 kms South of Port Augusta. Phone reception again...oh joy! it is much fresher and greener here than up further North, due to the higher rainfall. As long as it rains at night rather than during the I will be happy. 😁 Yesterday we caught up with fellow Kedronners who were camped nearby, Yvonne and Brett. They are new to the Kedron family and I hope they join the forum which they knew nothing of until I told them about our wonderful group.
  13. We had a lovely time up at Aroona. The weather was perfect there (as it usually is at this time of year) and although cool at night we have the diesel heater! Aroona Campground is one of the best in the Flinders. It has water taps at many of the sites and good rainwater tanks if the weather gods have been kind. Maurveen, get in touch before your trip up there and I can share further information if needed.
  14. Looking forward to your updates.Headed through there early next year. Maurveen
  15. I grease the 31 grease nipples under my van every 10,000 km, irrespective of where I am.
  16. Tolley


    I solved that problem on my TE some time ago. The black rubber seal around all the latches was perishing and cracking. I enquired about purchasing replacement black seals. I found i had to purchase a whole new latch. So, I removed all the latches and then all the black seals. Cleaned all the black seals off all surfaces. Then simply used clear silicon and replaced the latches. Worked perfectly. No more leaks. I will be at the van later today and I will take a photo and post it here. It really is a simple fix.
  17. Thanks Tony all very good points. Noted. Greatly appreciated. 👍
  18. Thank you for your reply Bas. Good suggestions!
  19. Hi Number one is the additional fuel filter as a pre-filter to get rid of the nasties before they get to the main filter. Apparently some additional filters are fitted after the main filter but there seems to be no logic in that. As the XC5 is lighter in weight than some other models other mods might be an overkill. Perhaps wait and see how it feels with the van in tow. Cheers Bas
  20. Hi Katrina, 'My two bobs worth'..... You have a very capable tow vehicle vehicle there & with a Kedron hooked up to it you will be travelling first class & be the envy of many. The first three items on your list are very worthwhile & really will enhance your overall experience of your Toyota ownership. Re, the fitting of the extra fuel filter there are many 'arguments' about fitting the auxiliary filter before or after the 'factory' filter.....seriously consider having it fitted before the 'factory' filter. Your vehicle has a price tag of about 100k and probably not much older than twelve months if that, I (personally) would have serious reservations doing significant engine/transmission upgrades while you still are in the early part of your Toyota warranty, doing a remap, intercooler & torque converter 'upgrades', you could have serious disappointments from Toyota denying (possible, although highly unlikely) claims on engine, transmission & driveline. Hoping we meet up one day at a gathering or somewhere down the road. Travel safe Tony H
  21. Gezz, .................... it would be cheaper to modify it to a GMC.......
  22. Hi everyone. We are looking forward to collecting our new XC5 in a few months time and considering what mods we might undertake on our 2019 LC200 VX. She already has the maximum Lovells towing and vehicle carrying upgrades (very happy) , ECB Bullbar, and large capacity electric winch. We also have a aftermarket tyre pressure monitoring system which works great (set up for vehicle and van) Now considering a few other mods, firstly to provide a safer, trouble free and more economical tow for the Caravan and to also look after the Cruiser. So, would appreciate views on following mods, which we are keen to make 1. Snorkel. We are thinking Armax 2. Exhaust upgrade. Thinking Torqit 3. fuel filter / water seperation And also these, which are maybe. 'nice to have" 4. Intercooler upgrade.? 5. Torque converter? 6. Remapping? (Safari system looks good) Keen to hear about other Cruiser mod ideas too of course. Thanks in advance Phil and Katrina
  23. Ah but Karen, you are making the most of that time. Your photos are amazing! And you can now walk on the beach!!
  24. Thats just mean. I am camping to0, just in the same spot - all the time - for weeks.
  25. Good morning Kedronners! I am sure many of you will be like us, and so keen to get out camping again. South Australia has opened up camping, and so that's what we will be doing. We are going camping in the Southern Flinders for a week and then further South at Mambray Creek in Mt Remarkable National Park for a further five days.. These two places are among our favourite camping spots (yes, yes I know, I have numerous favourite spots...). We leave tomorrow morning and plan to be at Aroona Campground tomorrow night for four nights. Then we will move down to Mambray Creek. I look forward to waking up to the sight of the ABC Ranges in the background and the sound of the wind in the trees! Here is a photo of a previous trip to Aroona. Will we see any other South Aussies out there?
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