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  2. Hello All, we joined the KOG last year but haven’t been active on this site. Our first Kedron was a secondhand 2006 ATV which turned out to be a great van but we took delivery of a custom built 2013 XC with TopEnder furniture in June 2013 after a 15 month wait. We couldn’t be happier with the whole van. Since then we have spent each winter at Barn Hill Station Stay in WA. This year we have returned early and plan to do some local travelling around Qld including the Christmas Gathering and the Kingsley Grove Winery gathering. We are looking forward to meeting other like minded caravanners. Cheers - Ron and Judie
  3. Hi Sue & Ian, WOW that's fantastic......good chance you'll win the travel award. Travel safe & looking forward to seeing you. Tony.
  4. Just ordered three, Gemma @ Fairlite Plastics still requires a few more orders for a production run!
  5. We will be making the trek across the Nullarbor for this event. I for one cannot stand the thought of missing out on all of the fun and excitement and after all it is only 4619 kilometres and according to Google Maps we can do it in just two days. Hmmm.... I am thinking more likely two weeks via Broken Hill, Cobar. 😊. Please pencil us in - Ian and I arriving the 6th and departing the 11th. Of course we will be having Saturday night dinner with everyone, can’t miss that either👍😊
  6. Thanks Barry! a timely reminder that anyone requiring new covers should get in touch with Gemma (details above).
  7. Hi Chris, I just spoke to Gemma regarding payment for my order and she advised that they have only received about one third of the orders required to justify another production run. Therefore whoever needs new covers, please order asap. Best regards Barry
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  9. Thanks @TonyH I have thought of that and in fact have asked Graham if there was any chance we could coordinate handover with the Christmas gathering. Delivery hasn’t been scheduled yet so he couldn’t commit. If at all possible, you’ll see me there.
  10. Peter if your picking up your new van in October......maybe you should do a shakedown tour of SE Qld and attend our Christmas gathering at Kilkivan in early November. Cheers.....enjoy your ‘new baby’ Tony
  11. Hi Ian & Sue, Welcome back to KOG, you certainly have been putting some K’s on your new tug traipsing around our beautiful country. It would be great if you could attend the gathering at Kilkivan, it’s only just down the road for you....lol. It promises to be very informative & fun with the theme of ‘Travel Safely.’ Cu Down the road, Tony
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  13. After having sold the Pajero, we have picked up the LC200. Had the Lovell’s GVM upgrade and 2” lift before it was registered, have also had the ARB Summit bar fitted, UHF installed and will soon get the brake controller and wiring done. The Jayco just sold so we will be van-less until the CP5 arrives, hopefully late October. In relation to the CP5, we have chosen the colours, added some more options (including a second spare and the new pressure hatch) and now it’s just a matter of waiting and watching the videos of other vans being delivered to their new owners. October can’t come quickly enough😀
  14. It has been a long, long time since we were last a member and active on the forums. A lot of things happened at once and KOG went to the back burner I guess. Well now we are back and just like before I am the "forum" person behind the Ian and Sue name. Ian much prefers to do his own thing and let me chat on the forum, of course he expects to be informed of anything important. ha ha. We are still living in Geraldton WA even though we seem to spend best part of each year over east, mostly in Queensland. If I had my way, and if the housing market wasn't so bad here, we would be selling up and moving over - probably to the RV Homebase. Early in 2018 we were on our annual trek across the Nullabor heading to one of our geocaching events when only 60 kilometres from home we smashed our front window cover. Well....... eventually we arrived at the Kedron factory to buy another, which actually did happen BUT..... While there we took a tour around and checked out all the new innovations etc. We got as far as Gympie going north to Cairns when Ian asked whether I would like a new Kedron. He didn't need to ask twice! We turned back and ordered an XC5. Lucky for us somebody wanted to change their collection date, probably because it was right on Christmas so we jumped in quick and said put us in the slot. We continued on to Cairns in our trust old ATV2 but sickness in the family had me flying home a couple of times the last of which we decided I should stay back West, that was when I came upon someone in Geraldton wanting to buy a Kedron. Ian no sooner arrived home and our Kedron was gone. Three months without it nearly killed me. 🙂 We headed across in our RAM with our rooftop tent and collected our new Kedron just ten days before Christmas, we stayed over east for the next eight months and have only just arrived home. I am already working on getting across to the Christmas event, I must say Ian seems pretty keen too. Oh if only it wasn't 4500 kilometres from here, the RAM is much more economical to run than the LC200. ha ha ha... AND... you guys always have so much fun. Yes, I just have to make the trip. FOMO.... See I am right up there with the modern lingo. OK time to stop rambling here. It is great to be back. Sue
  15. G'day, Yes, a brass drift (preferably) or a steel punch.....some hub castings have a two opposite recess's for easier bearing cone removal....& some dont,..... bet you a $ yours doesn't! If you don't, just persevere with the punch just taking 'nibbles' at the cone ....you'll sort it. When you have got the old cone out clean the seat in the hub so the new cone seats properly. Good luck with your project. Cheers & beers Tony PS .........when you buy your new bearings & seals, buy another 'spare set' or if old bearings are OK (one wheel) put inside a sturdy ziplock bag and store safely in the van....Murphy's Law if you have a set you'll never need them when your travelling....don't forget the grease either (High Temp/Extreme pressure)
  16. Hi Tony Just a side question while I am doing my brakes I am going to replace all the wheel bearings and was wondering what method you use to remove the inner bearing cones the outer ones are easy buy just tapping them out with a punch but inner ones are hard to get to. Cheers Kakadu
  17. Good Evening We would like to join you for the Kedron Owners Xmas Party event. We will be attending the Saturday night dinner for 2. We will be arriving on Wednesday 06/11/19 departing on Sunday 10/11/19 Thanks Greg & Heather Hines 0416 009 048
  18. All good now....thanks Chris
  19. Thanks for that Tony its good to get the heads up from the people who know what they are talking about Cheers Kakadu
  20. Thank you Chris, you have done well. We have stayed in quite a few these sites, especially the WA last year. very much appreciated.
  21. Let's see how this version goes! CHEAP POWERED SITES - Copy.pdf
  22. I will play with it and repost.
  23. G'Day Tony, I have been using these aftermarket brake assemblies on my van & also vans that I service for many years with NO trouble from the std magnets. I am aware of the 'off road' magnets but could not justify the added cost. That's my experience anyway.....your call. So important to adjust the brakes correctly (bendix electric) screw adjuster up till wheel locks then back off 'twelve clicks' ! Cheers Tony
  24. Chris, I believe there is a problem with the attachment....its unreadable.😓
  25. Now, fellow KOGGERS, I do know that our lovely off-road vans do not often stay at powered camp sites. But for those occasions when it is necessary (in bad weather or because you want power to recharge the batteries etc) it can be handy to have access to reasonably priced power. I have compiled a list of sites around Australia which provide power (and generally also water, toilets and showers) for $15 or less a night. A few sites in my list are slightly more, but I think it’s only three which are more than the $15 cut off fee. i have also placed the list on another forum, Caravaners Forum. if you know of others, let me know.CHEAP POWERED SITES.rtf
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