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    We would love to attend. Tired of renovations, need a break away Al and Donna O'Brien
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    SATURDAY 12th to FRIDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2020 Join us on a mystery trip around the Burnett District of Queensland. We will meet at a secret location, stay overnight, then move onto the next destination the following morning. At Happy hour you will be notified of the following days destination. The distance between each overnight stop will be no more than 120kms (unless you get lost, go for a drive or just detour). The whole trip should not be more than 350kms over the duration. Evening meals will be at local pubs (except for one night, we will have to cook our own) We will stay in free camps, donation camps and one that will be $20pn This will be an intimate trip (social distancing required) and limited to six (6) Kedron vans As we are living in Covid -19 environment we are subject Government regulations. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
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  5. Hi Rob, We have actually sold our caravan. Sorry for leaving this post up. I had forgotten my password for the owner's group and for some reason could not get it reset to take it off. Your email reminded me to follow-up. Regards Steve
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  7. Hi Steve and Maddy, I'm very interested in your van but I've been able to access the link to caravan camping sales so I'm thinking it may no longer be available. Would you please let me know. Regards, Rob robertgardiner7@bigpond.com
  8. Have a similar issue with my 2017 76 series wagon and hayman reece bar. 12 bolts secure the bar to the 4x4, 5 on each side, 2 underneath and 3 to the side, and 2 attached to a bracket in the middle. Twice now the 6 side mounted bolts have sheered off both sides and the 4 others underneath on the sides have all-but shaken loose. Same problem trying to fix the issue, the welds holding the nuts in place have let go and it is impossible to get new ones in there without removing panels. Had to weld a piece of wire to the nuts to hold them in place while we put new bolts in last time. Couldn't get any spring washers in there so the nuts ended up coming loose and couldn't tighten them much. What a rubbish design. Tried going back to Toyota but since the bar isn't Toyota branded they wouldn't help. So now stuck in Mt Isa waiting for a new towbar to be delivered since the old one is now cracked and broken from the stress of not having properly tighten side supporting bolts. Not sure how the boys at TJM Mt Isa are going to fix this one but at least they are willing to have a go.
  9. G’day Richard & Tracey,, Caravan design and features is very much an individual choice. One of the great things in choosing a Kedron is the ability to personalise it. Can I suggest you let us know what you have put on your list of ‘wants’ for this build, so other readers of this post can contribute & possibly add to your ‘list’ advising you of their reasons. There are the basic essentials of course, but design & budget limits the final choice. Once you have taken delivery and used your ‘new baby’ over extended periods you will want to fine tune it with little extras....no risk! Cheers & looking forward to meeting you down the road one day soon. Tony H. PS.....as mentioned above a diesel heater is a MUST!
  10. Big must have is a diesel heater. On our third trip around and due to Covid we were in Tasmania for much longer than anticipated. Would have frozen our bits off without it.
  11. Hi all We are a Newcastle couple and have just completed our specifications meeting up at Kedron last week for our XC5 20.6 Think we have covered off in most aspects but keen to hear of any mods / features which members consider a must have or one they wish in hindsight they had included or excluded Thanks in advance and hope to meet you on the road one day Wr are scheduled for Mat 2021 pick up Cheers
  12. Currently completing specifications for our XC5 build we are unsure of our choice of full rhino protection over composite for the side panels can forum members please comment / recommend from your experience
  13. Hi Pete , we have, since this post started purchased a new 200 Sahara and had both GVM and the 4 t tow kit installed by Lovells and couldn’t be happier with the vehicle. Handles very well towing and on its own. No or little body roll is felt .We also have installed torque converter and a chip . Towing around 3.6 t we are getting around 19 lt per 100 sitting on 100 klm per hour. But around town 15 so not much different. That’s the only downside I recon . John
  14. Hi I was wondering how much difference does GVM upgrade make to driving dynamics when not fully loaded
  15. Hi Rod, Looks very good. I am going through the same process now. One comment though. You seem to have the fuse very close to the inverter. The fuse should be located as close as possible to the battery. The purpose of the fuse is to protect the cable in case of a short which would allow excess current to flow from the battery through the cable. Having the fuse distant from the battery does not protect the cable if the cable shorts somewhere along its length before the fuse. This situation could happen if for some reason the insulation became damaged. Attached is a copy of the appropriate page of the installation instructions which also mentions this. Regards, Ken Fuse Location.pdf
  16. Christmas has come early 3 new lithium batteries landed on my front door Itechword 120x looking to put them to the test
  17. Hi Tony That’s the system, there is a motor on each wheel and it would be ideal for moving around my yard as the area I keep the van is tight. I have had a look at more pics. and don’t believe it will fit, I believe it will foul on the suspension. Cheers Bryan
  18. Marian smith


    Hi all !not a kedron owner yet. Just wondering if anyone is selling a 16foot CP5? Keen to buy a second hand one.
  19. Hi Bryan, Is this what your referring to.... https://www.purpleline.com.au/ ??? Thinking that they may be of benefit on a 'black top only' type van, but doubting their use on an off road van due to their positioning. Cheers Tony
  20. Mtubatuba


    Hi all- the awning is beginning to leak at the stitching where it meets the caravan sail track. Has anybody resealed this area successfully and what have they used? cheers
  21. Hi Has anyone had and experience with remote purpleline Caravan Movers? Cheers Bryan
  22. Tony, Ryan does a lot of work for Kedron and has indicated he would love to talk at a future gathering.
  23. Greetings one & all, Wow, what a crazy start to this year, it has been. Fires, COVID-19 & other silly stuff going on around most of the world. Planning is underway for this years Christmas Gathering & AGM. It will be held again at the popular Kilkivan Bush & Caravan Park! Dates to put in your diary are 2nd - 8th November 2020. Presentations from informative & caravan related speakers are being secured & locked into a full on fun programme. At this stage there isn't a 'theme' for this years gathering......who would like to suggest a theme? Do you have any suggestions on speakers or demonstrations you would like to see or hear about at this years gathering?? I have (some) speakers secured already......but have a couple of spots to fill.....I need suggestions please!!! This is your gathering make it fun & informative, for yourself & every other Kedron owner! Registrations & programme details will be announced mid July. Last year we had 54 vans in attendance, NO reason we cant have MORE this year. Lock in those dates 2nd - 8th November 2020. Cheers & travel safe Tony. PS. Remember there are no strangers in the 'Kedron' family....only friends you haven't met yet!
  24. As we live in SA, where are (theoretically) no COVID-19 cases, we are free to travel intrastate. So we headed first to the Flinders a few weeks ago. And then we travelled to the Gawler Ranges NP. We came out from the park earlier today. What spectacular country! I didn’t imagine it could be so special. Gorgeous goldS and reds In the Ranges, and interesting foliage. We had the best camp site in the best campground in the whole park, I think. We camped at Yandinga campground. It can accommodate up to 9 camp groups, according to the booking website. The sites are large and well separated. Ours could take two or three vans if in a group. The only facilities are a drop toilet and fireplace at most sites. Given there were freezing nights, a fire was nice for cooking or sitting around. When we got up yesterday, the Weber BBQ was covered in ice. But days were sunny and warm. Perfect. The road out there was fine, although that changes on a regular basis, depending on when last graded. The short track into Yandinga was very corrugated. There is so much to see and do in the park that we didn’t get to see or do it all. Another trip! We left this morning as previous weather reports said rain was due in a day’s time. Now of course, that has changed and rain is not due at all. Sigh. Anyway, here are several photos.
  25. c/w brackets to mount on the Kedron rear bars Suit 12 foot boat. Galvanised and assembles in minutes. Paid $1226 Sell $950 Excellant condition Tony 04399736141
  26. Powered Side Boat loader roof rack Stainless to suit last few Landcruiser Wagons. c/w rack insets Offers Tony
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