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  3. On the sister Facebook site, Gemma has written Hi Kedron Caravan Owners. We are planning a 2nd production run of External Light Covers. If enough orders received in June we will go to production for Despatch end of July 2019. Interested parties may contact me on 0423987478 or gemma@fairlite.com.au thank you in advance - Gemma Borg, Fairlite Plastics Pty Ltd
  4. This post made me laugh! I can imagine how you would feel opening a van to scenes of disaster... I remember in our first van, a Kedron ATV with sliding window over the couch, I left the window open by mistake on the Gibb River Road. Red dust everywhere. But that was MY error, not the van’s.
  5. We have just noticed the picture of the Beagle Bay church on the web page header. It has brought back so many memories as we lived in the old white house directly across the road from it for 18 months while we managed the store. What a magical place, truly wonderful people and an experience of a lifetime. I still remember the painful screams of many various caravaner's as they open the doors of their vans and see the devastation inside caused from that wonderful road to Beagle Bay. I also remember the warm feeling I got from owning a Kedron, which traveled that same road probably 20 times and experience no damage............... Poor people cannot afford to crap has always been my motto of life.
  6. Those who have ordered the replacement light covers will have received emailed advice from Fairlite to say the orders are being despatched. They also say that : " We will be processing more orders as numbers fill again.. so tell a friend !" So, if you missed out on this round, there will be a further chance to order the covers. Cheers Chris
  7. We have a diesel heater in our 2008 Top Ender with no fuel filter and have never had any problems. Not saying you shouldn’t have one , maybe we’ve been lucky? John
  8. Karen, I will get Val to put it up here. But I suspect it was a but fiddly. He took Tony’s advice and put a second filter in to solve some problem or other. Probably to keep muck out of the unit? 😄
  9. How and where do we replace the fuel filter tony - don't leave us hanging. You know some of us aren't as clever as you.
  10. Not that it really gets that cold for that long in Oz, I add about half litre of kerosene to the heater fuel tank....when I think about it. The additive (kero) it is claimed stops the diesel fuel from ‘waxing’ up which would stop the correct operation of the heater. The kero also supposedly breaks down any condensation & any other nasties the tank. The MOST important thing to remember for correct operation of your heater is replacement of the fuel filter ($5 @ Repco/Supercheap) every 12 months regardless of use! Cheers Tony
  11. Hi all, We have had a diesel heater added to our van. Now I know I heard others talking about adding something to the diesel when it is really cold in place of using winter diesel. Can anyone give us some advice - don’t want to be left in the cold! Thanks, Tony & Irene
  12. Thanks Bruce, that's fabulous. Our 9 yr old van is getting dust in too, I've tried every thing to keep some sort of pressure inside. We're on the other side of the country now after about 3,000 kms of dirt with the Plenty, Gary Junction Rd & Marble Bar to Newman in the past month, so I guess we'll be looking into 1 of these units when we get home in spring time. Meanwhile, it'll be more dust to put up with 😒 Sue n Rod
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  14. Hi Rod setting 3, and make sure you disable equalisation at number 7. i have been advised by enerdrive to have a custom profile loaded when I get to Darwin just to make the system correct for the lithium. cheers Merv
  15. Hi Merv when you installed your lithium batteries from itech did you have to reprogram your solar controller I have a tristar TS60 MPPT i assume you have the same cheers Rod
  16. Hi Bruce, Just had a look at the website....this looks like a top bit of gear. Just spoke to Ryan @ Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth he tells me that Caravan HQ have a van at the Brisbane Caravan Show with one of these units fitted, might have to go to the show now to have a look. Thanks for the tip on this product.......not that my Kedron leaks dust! Tony
  17. Hi All, long time since I posted on this site. The reason for todays post is that I have finally after 10 years of trying fixed the dust Ingres problem that I have had with our van. The answer was that the pressure on the inside had to begetter than the pressure on the outside. This has been achieved by installing a CaraFan in place of the exisiting Fantastic Fan. The CaraFan was created by Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth. It provides high volume filters air into the caravan cabin keeping the inside pressure above that of the outside pressure. I had it fitted by the Kedron people at the factory. I have just completed 250Km of gravel, with lots of dust, and not one drop of dust inside the van. Happy wife happy life. This has been one of the best bits of kit that I have added to the van and we are very happy. You can have a look at the product at carafan.com.au. I have attached a photo.
  18. The first production line of lens covers is now closed. Fairlite are however now taking orders for the second production run, but until they have enough orders to make it financially viable , there is no estimate of when that might be. So, if you still need a lens cover (or two) you can still order them from Gemma at Fairlite, but it could take a while. We are extremely grateful to Grant Foster for making all these arrangements on our behalf.
  19. Rod

    Solar Panel up grade

    Thanks Pete i do like to talk to people who test the products in the field unfortunately not to many reputable organization in newcastle area
  20. Hi Rod. Thank you for your enquiry. I use Springers Solar at Lawnton for my electrical work. You will find their contact number in a previous post by TonyH. They're the technical experts in this field and have the solutions. Basically, they left the original 5 panels (130watt x4 and 80watt x 1) as they were, and wired the additional panels (100watts x 2 and 80watts x 3) into the 2nd import of the original PL60 solar regulator. Kedron are continually upgrading their caravans, and that includes the electrical/ battery/ solar systems. As a result there are very few caravans exactly the same. Most of us know our own systems, but I dare to say, most of us are not technical experts. Hence, it is sometimes difficult to advise someone else on what to do when we don't know the exact make and model of the components you have compared to those fitted to other caravans. Rod, my advice would be to find a reputable organisation in your local area who can look at your caravan, discuss your needs and come up with an acceptable solution. Cheers from Pete.
  21. Ok thanks merv may be some one else can help me with permanent inverter institution My problem is the pins on the inlet socket will be live when the inverter is on How do I fix this problem cheers Rod
  22. Hi Rod Factory fit. The only piece of electrical that we have had to change was the battery charger. Cheers Merv
  23. Thanks Merv for the great info With you’re xantrex 1800 inverter did Kedron fit it and wire it in when the van was getting built OR was it fitted later when I fit my inverter i am wondering how to get the wires back inside to a change over switch cheers Rod
  24. ATV42


    Hi Sandra and Clive. Congratulations in such a worthy course, and helping to make history in the Outback. Well done. Cheers from Peter and Margaret.
  25. Chris


    What a wonderful thing to be involved in! You will be able to say, in years to come, that you took part in this.
  26. Have just completed the longest line of Rv’s for a world Guinness record. It was an amazing event with 934 vans and motor homes stretched over 9.3kms. We stayed out overnight on the Barcaldine Isisford road. It was a spectacular sight to see all the campfires and lights. Pity only three Kedron attended. Amazing.
  27. The Itech 120amp lithium batteries now have a 3 year warranty. Merv
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