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  2. Hi Tim, One area you will need to get your head around is the weight of the van and the weight limits of the car. There is a ton of stuff explaining this on the web.
  3. Hi Tim I am a Victorian based Kedron owner (7 Years) and would be quiet happy to talk to you and answer any queries you may have. If I was to replace my van it would most definitely be another Kedron Warm Regards John
  4. Hi Ken I fitted a double Thule to the front of my van just over 2 years ago See attached photo. I carry an E bike that weighs in at about 20 Klg. have had no problem with it. I do turn the handle bars around sideways which makes access a little easier to all compartments.
  5. Looks very pleasant & relaxing.....enjoy!
  6. We are at Onkaparinga’s Pink Gums campground for a couple of nights. It is right on the edge of the McLaren Vale wine region, and not that far from the city. But it feels nice and peaceful. There are 11 sites in all but not all fit a caravan of our size. Most do, though.. We are nicely settled in, as you can see.
  7. No improvement, I am also told that the problem could be in the hot water non return valve but it cannot be gotten to from outside and is right behind the diesel heater so may have to "go with the flow" as well
  8. I would be interested to know if it improves or will you be like us and just ..................... "Go with the Flow" 😋
  9. G'Day all, I am looking to get a bike rack for a-frame mounting. I'd appreciate hearing what you have, see a pic, and how it goes and what to be aware of. What brand or type you settled on. Thanks heaps. Ken
  10. Thank you, I have ordered a replacement, will see hoe not goes Macca
  11. Hi Macca, We experienced the same issue and were told the same thing as you. So we replaced the inlet and had no change in result. We just put up with it now S & K
  12. We are experiencing less water flow and water pressure when hooked up to mains water in caravan parks. I have been advised that it could be a partially blocked Shurflo Mains Pressure Regulator Water Inlet? Has anyone else experienced this problem? and if so, what are the remedies? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. regards Macca
  13. Could I seek some help and advice please

    When free camping using just the water tanks and 12 volt pumps, water pressure and flow is good, however when in caravan parks hooked up to town water the pressure and flow is reduced. I have been told that the issue could be in the Shurflo mains pressure regulator water inlet? Has anyone experienced this problem and if so, what are the remedies?

    Appreciate and advice and assistance

    Warm regards


  14. Keep your eye on the 'Sale' section of the forum something might pop up there. Also on the Facebook Kedron page sometimes has vans. Read, read, read. It will all start to make some sense. Make sure it has a diesel heater. Toyotas are certainly the way to go for a car.
  15. Good morning I am based in MEL VIC and I spose like many VIC's in C-19 land, am doing all the research to but a van trying to cut through all of the hype/fog/garbage that is out on www. I am a first time vanner and focusing on the 18-19’ compact type KEDRON range however still lost in the fog and don’t want to but one and rock up to a camp site and be told “ hey mate you should have reached out to us – and we could have stopped you making all of these rookie mistakes” I have noted that the KEDRON club is for owners/pre ordered persons which I totally get and respect – and this e-mail is inquiring to if you have any advice for a rookie as I am sure that there an extensive knowledge and experience of forum/members that have gone through what I have started So where am I at? Have budgeted only 60-70K for a van for wife and self and have to allow $30-40 for a suitable tow vehicle and will probaly stick to a TOYOTA - as that will burn up the funds - as need $ to enjoy the lifestyle (thinking no more than 17-18' off roader around 2012+, single beds if possible) very much focused on a quality build and engineering and of course after sales service – Paul from KEDRON seems to be more than supporting to date Van wanted for local VIC/SA/NSW type 3-5 days tours at the start but want to be able to travel to WA and go up North – when I get leave from current job – and get more experience Want to ensure good resale value – happy to take the hit for fair wear and tear etc Not sure if I can service and maintain a KEDRON in VIC when everything is QLD focused I see Bushtracker have a huge following and an awesome members sales page but cant work out why as huge pricing model and when I look at the engineering – I see some of the wiring etc is now where near what KEDRON and pumping out Anyway – I am only 62 and want to start and enjoy the van life whilst still fit and healthy and any advice would be so much appreciated So forum - reaching out and seeing if anyone could offer a VIC rookie any advice
  16. From Mick , Kimbo's best mate who was having trouble posting to this site.
  17. That is a great photo of Kimbo. One that reminds me of many great times. He was always one for safety and taught me the right way to use a chainsaw. To this day when I pick up a chainsaw, his words of safety ring in my ears. Thoughts and hugs to Nerida and all his family
  18. This photo was given to me by Glen Gall.
  19. The news of Kim Greenwood’s (Kimbo) passing is very saddening. As mentioned in previous posts he (& his wife Nerida) were founding members of the Kedron Owners Group (KOG). His passion for his family (including extended), & life generally is well known. Your memory will be remembered for a very long time and around many campfires. The thoughts and condolences of the Kedron Owners Group, goes to all of the Greenwood family at this sad time. Tony Heat President KOG
  20. Kimbo's wife Ned has posted of the family's loss. Kimbo meant so much to so many people and was a larger than life character. He was a great supporter of the Kedron brand and considered himself to be part of the "Kedron family". I spoke to him on Sunday and he spoke with affection of the many people he met through this group and what they all meant to him. Among his last words with me was a planning out aloud about what he wanted to see happen to his precious Kedron van! Our hearts are heavy today.
  21. Sadly Kimbo lost the good fight last night and passed away. He will not be forgotten as we shared so many good times not just as mates but being a part of KOG. Thoughts and hugs go to Nerida, their children and grand children. Darryl
  22. it would have been in 2004 we joined the group, I am guessing. And we all met at Milmerran Camp Oven Festival. It certainly was part of the Kedron “family”, which has developed even more tightly since. We all have much to thank you three for what you did back then!
  23. Although I have only meet Kimbo & Nerida once, very early in our Kedron ‘life’ his friendship & assistance is long remembered. Thanks guys, travel safe and may the journey be not to rough.
  24. Hi Chris. Thinking of Kimbo, and all the good times we had together in the Kedron Owners Group. We remember parking our Kedron overnight at their place and the hospitality they showed us. Cheers from Margaret and Peter.
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