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  1. Hi Bruce We have questioned Ashley also about this and he just shakes his head. We had a gas heater installed in WA in our old Kedron, loved it. It was the first thing we had done to our current Kedron. Like you we asked again, but the answer was no, so we bought one at the caravan show last year, and had it fitted at Bundaberg. Never had a problem with either. Clive
  2. Welcome to the forum, maybe meet you on the road somewhere. Clive and Sandra
  3. Hello Hazel and Trevor, Welcome to the Kedron Family, hope to meet you some day in our travels around the country. Enjoy the forum. Sandra and Clive
  4. We dropped our van into Kedron yesterday to have some other work done. Ask Ashley about the number plate being moved. Unfortunately the two spare wheels are a bit too close on our van to allow the number plate to go between. Ashley assures us he will work something out. Will keep you posted when we collect the van. Clive
  5. Hello Sue, Did Kedron do your modification? Also what have you done to hide the holes where the number plate was situated previously? Look forward to any replies, Thanks, Clive
  6. Clive wants to know did the satellite dish still worked and you were able to watch TV? Also he wants to know did "The Strength of the North" withstand the "The Chills of the South"? ⛄️⛄️
  7. Safe travels, we wish you all the best. Remember, have fun. Clive and Sandra
  8. Colin and Gayleen, Thank you for sharing this lovely story. It must have been a wonderful experience (probably a lot better than our Anzac Day in wet, cold, miserable Melbourne). We always think small regional towns do a lot better than the big city Anzac Day services. Once again thank you, always love reading about other people's travels. Cheers, Clive and Sandra
  9. Brian, That is an excellent idea, only wish I had photos of our van. As you say very helpful. Clive
  10. We have just completed the trip from White Cliffs to Eulo. We could not find any information from the locals about the condition of the road. It appeared that no locals had been on that trip for a few years. I thought I would give our opinions on this forum in case anyone was contemplating the trip. White Cliffs to Wanaaring - good we rated it 7/10 Wanaaring to Hungerford - a bit boggy and we did have to go through some shallow water 6/10 Hungerford to Eulo - good 7/10 We had checked with the information centre and general store at White Cliffs but all they could tell us that the road to Wanaaring was open. The local police at Wanaaring told us that the section to Hungerford was open (it had been closed due to water over the road two days earlier). We checked again at Hungerford before we travelled to Eulo. In the 516kms of dirt road we only came across three other motorists. One which had his vehicle bogged to the chassis. I think he was happy to see us and very pleased we stayed and helped him get the vehicle back on the road. All good. However we now have a very muddy car and van to clean when we get home.
  11. Thank you to all that helped us in our hour of need. That is what I like about this forum, even on public holidays help is available. We are now doing what we like best "freedom camping" sitting on the banks of the Mighty Murray looking across to NSW and freezing our buts off. Wish the sun would shine. Once again thank you Sandra
  12. Help, we are in a very busy caravan park for Easter (rare for us to be in a caravan park). Yesterday we turned on the radio (also a rare thing for us to do) we were happy listening to the radio inside the van unaware that our neighbours were also listening to the radio from the external speakers. Is there an easy way to isolate the external speakers? Would be grateful for any advice. Clive and Sandra
  13. Thank you Bruce, have measured our van but unfortunately there is only 165cm to play with. We are travelling at present and I keep looking at the situation while we are living in the van. I really like your modification but will work something out. Clive
  14. Hello Bruce, Love the change you have made. We have a very uncomfortable L shape seating arrangement at present. To give us more room we have removed the table and use stable tables. Could you please give a measurement from the partition to the door to see if we could possibly make this modification to our Cross Country. Many thanks. Clive and Sandra
  15. Kev 32, Tony, It is surprising what thirst, initiative and design can achieve. Where there is a will there is a way. Clive
  16. I recently had to replace the front boot lid struts on the van. I visited the Strut Re-Gas chap Hervey Bay and told him what I would like. He advised me to get longer struts and he worked out where they would have to be mounted on the bin doors. The bottom mountings did not have to move. The new struts allowed the bin doors to open approximately 150ml higher. I was still trying to gain better access so I moved the stone guard forward approx 100ml. This allowed me access behind the stone guard and able to look in the bins with out hitting my head This has made life a lot more pleasant with out the additional expletives. Clive
  17. We too wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas. Look forward to meeting more KOGGERs in 2015. Sandra and Clive
  18. When we go away for a few weeks or more we get a house sitter. Fortunately for us we have never had a problem. In most cases we come home and find our gardens looking better than when we leave them. Sometime we find things in different places in the kitchen, but that only takes a day to sort out. Personally we like the security of having someone in the house to collect mail and to make it look lived in. Also with our insurance policy I think we can only have our vacant for 60 days without having to pay a higher premium. Cheers, Clive and Sandra
  19. That is good news, must have been a relief to both you and the wallet. Sandra and Clive
  20. We arrived home today after spending 8 nights in temperatures below 5 degrees and some of the nights were around zero. Our new Truma E2400 gas heater kept us nice and warm. During this time away we used the gas HWS once a day, boiled the kettle on the gas stover about six times a day, the fridge was on gas the whole time, except for four hours when we changed location. We turned the gas heater on around 6pm and turned it off around 8am the following morning. The thermostat was set at 3 and a couple of times when it was very cold we turned it to 4, but found this too hot after awhile. During this time we used approximately two thirds of a 9kg bottle of gas. We had a gas heater in our previous Kedron van for two winters and spent a lot of those winters in cold places and never noticed an excessive use of gas. We had this new gas heater installed in our latest Kedron earlier this month and we are happy with it's performance. Sandra and Clive
  21. Hi Rob and Jewel yes I think we will appreciate it next week that is why we could not visit until we had a heater. Mind you it has been cold here as well 2 and 3 degrees around 6.00am. Clive
  22. Hello John, Funny you should put this posting on the forum today as we had a Truma E2400 gas heater installed today. We had asked Kedron to install one for us but they would only do diesel so this one was installed by Casey's RV's at Bundaberg Qld. It has been mounted on it's side above the mudguard along side the water heater tank and the exhaust/air inlet has been installed directly in the external side of the van. The inlet and the hot air outlet for internal use has been mounted in the cupboard door of the heater/pump box. The hose is quite long and flexiable to allow the cupboard door to be opened for access to water pumps etc. It is very neat fit. The control unit is mounted under the water tank guage on the side of the fridge. If you require photos let me know and I can send you some. We lopok forward to using the heater when we go away next week. Cherrs, Clive
  23. Hello Scott and welcome to the Kedron Family, We too had a 2001 Kedron Pop Top van and only sold it late last year to buy another Kedron XC, we upgraded to a full van with shower and toilet. Our 2001 model took us everywhere. Some of the trips we did in our faithful old van, the Savannah Way, The Great Central Road, Oodnadatta Track, Strzelecki track and many more, too many to mention. Like John we had solar and a few other additions, our last addition was a gas heater to keep us warm during winter. Also agree with John about his description on how they were built in the early days. Our fuel consumptiom was a lot less with the pop top than the full van. At times we miss the old van. Look forward to seeing you on the road somewhere. Clive
  24. Thank you all for the advice. Checked it all out over the weekend, all good, nothing blew up. I guess when we use the van in ten days time we will know if I put it all back together. Clive
  25. We bought an '08 Cross Country late last year thatthe HWS has an anode. Our previous vans had Truma HWS which did not require an anode replacement. After reading the above stories I'm a bit concerned about changing the anode correctly. Is there a correct procedure that I should follow? Do I also have to flush the tank out? I welcome any advice as I would hate to explain to the grand kids why I look like a snowman living in the sub tropics. Clive
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