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  1. We have put a 3 kg front loader in our new Kedron AT5, wanted a 4 kg, but it wouldn't quite fit due to where the wheel arc is located. Camec website have the dimensions of their machines.
  2. Sounds good to us, had a great time last year, love that it is a week earlier, won't class with grand-babies birthday, lol.
  3. Our batteries are 7 years old , I don’t worry about percentages of battery use . I don’t let them go below 12.2 volts . When the batteries were new 12.2 volts was 50% used . Now that the batteries are 7 years older 12.2 volts is 30% used . Nev
  4. Nev & Penny arrive 15th and leave 19th , powered site , wine tour 1 , dinner 2
  5. Don’t be scared of the size of a yank tank , we have a Silverado 2500 and have no problems parking at our local Coles and Woolworths and even the good shops like BCF and Bunnings. My wife drives it all around Brisbane. Cheers Nev
  6. Hi Cheryl & Wayne We live in our van and found the Kedron supplied mattress not the best. After various store bought mattress toppers, egg shells etc we decided to get a new mattress. Makin Mattresses at Nundah, custom made us a made to measure Belissimo mattress, extremely comfortable with an excellent warranty, but a bit on the heavy side, quite expensive and makes the bed very high. But I am glad we have it, so much better, excellent and well worth the money as I said we sleep there every night. Now I see they have a new range called Matilda especially designed for caravans and motorhomes etc, might be worth a look. Cheers Penny
  7. Castlemaine is indeed a beautiful town, very quaint, lots of old buildings, the museum/ art gallery is worth a look. A must try is Castlemaine Rock in a round yellow tin, a yummy hard candy peppermint . I was fortunate enough to have been born there, my grandfather was the town dentist. Cheers Penny
  8. Yes indeed lots of thinking we have revised, altered, re done plans over and over, there are a few things that are must haves and we want more room at the table so it's a bit bigger and a bit wider where you sit as well as maximising storage etc. John and Maureen seem to have made their decisions pretty quickly, but I guess they have been travelling for so many years now that they know what they like. So many things have changed, improved and are now included from when we got our current van 6 years ago. Have fun, it is very exciting. Cheers Penny
  9. Hi Guys, how are you both? It's a wonder you didn't run into Nev at the display yard at Kedron, he has been spending a lot of time there recently. He has been going there several times a week always with pen, paper, plans and a tape measure. We all found Paul to be extremely helpful and he has had a lot of experience at Kedron. As Tony said we are in the process of ordering and designing a new van, as are John and Maureen and another couple who are good friends of ours ( they came to the Xmas gathering). We are going with ATV for weight reasons, although with the Chev we could have a TE but , all that extra bar work, unnecessary and they are not as wide as the ATV's (not by much) it does factor into internal space. No final plan as yet, that should happen soon when we go back to see Graham the designer at the factory next couple of weeks. If you guys want to call Nev about anything he is always happy to have a chat. Happy to give you his number, usually works Thursday and Fridays. Cheers Penny
  10. Nev and Penny

    Australia Day Gathering


    Loving the calendar. Hope people notice the additions.
  11. Looks fabulous Karen you are very clever indeed
  12. until

    I see now Karen. Looks fabulous , you are very clever. Penny
  13. Get you to help me do to this gathering what we did to the KOG christmas party.  Is it just put it in the calendar and put something on events.  I will have to pull the kog calendar out I think, put the other in place and then pull the event clock back into place.

    1. Nev and Penny

      Nev and Penny

      Sure thing, I was able to very simply enter straight into the KOG calendar.



    2. Wandering Slaters

      Wandering Slaters

      Thanks, pulling down the banner tonight and putting in a general one for Christmas.

  14. If you remember when you get to the site for the Christmas party can you send me some photo's.  I can then put them up and rotate them to encourage people for next year.  Thanks

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